WWE HIAC: Jeff Hardy Vs. Randy Orton (Hell In A Cell)

Hell In a Cell: Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

We go right to the ring as the new red Cell structure is lowered around the ring. Randy Orton is out first to a pop. Tom introduces the Spanish and German announce teams at ringside. Jeff Hardy is out next to a bigger pop as Greg Hamilton does the introductions.

Hardy approaches the Cell and has words with Orton, who stares him down from the inside. Hardy enters and the referee locks it up. The bell rings and Hardy immediately rushes Orton, beating him into the corner. Orton fights out and goes for a suplex but Hardy avoids it. Orton drops Hardy over the top rope and brings it outside, sending him face-first into the red steel. Hardy counters but Orton beats on him and keeps control, sending him into the steel again. Hardy fights back, sending Orton into the steel. Hardy with shots into the apron and the steel. Hardy drops Orton on the outside as fans pop.

Hardy goes under the ring and brings a table out, sliding it into the ring. Orton turns it around and brings Jeff back in. Orton tries to position the table but Jeff runs the ropes and dropkicks it into Orton's gut. Orton falls back into the steel. Hardy brings a ladder out now. Hardy approaches with the ladder but Orton brings a steel chair from under the ring and swings it. Hardy gets the upperhand and Orton goes down on the outside. Orton gets up with a steel chair shot to the back. Orton works Hardy over with strikes and uppercuts on the outside now. Orton goes for the RKO on the chair but Hardy shoves him into the steel. Hardy runs and jumps off the chair, driving Orton into the steel. Fans chant "delete!" as we get replays.

Hardy brings it back into the ring and hits the Hardyac Arrest in the corner. Hardy with a 2 count. Hardy keeps control and goes to the top. Orton cuts him off with a right hand. Orton climbs up for a superplex and nails it. Orton is slow to make the cover and Hardy kicks out at 2. Hardy fights back and goes to the top for a Whisper In the Wind. Orton kicks out at 2. Hardy keeps control and goes to the outside for more ladders. Hardy stands a ladder upside down between the ring and the steel. Hardy tries to suplex Orton into the ladder but Orton counters and slams Hardy on top of the upside down ladder.

Orton brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. Orton brings a chair into the ring and smacks Hardy over the back. Orton with another chair shot to the back. Orton talks some trash while Hardy is down and rips his shirt off. Orton with more big chair shots to the back. Orton takes off Hardy's studded belt and whips him with it. Orton with a 2 count. Orton starts stomping on Hardy now as fans rally for him. Orton brings a ladder in the ring and positions Hardy between the legs. Orton closes the legs on Hardy and smashes him with them. Orton stomps Hardy while he's trapped in the ladder now. Orton with another 2 count. Hardy fights back and runs over Orton with a clothesline now. Hardy with the inverted Atomic Drop, the leg drop and the low dropkick. Orton still kicks out at 2.

Fans try to rally for Hardy again. Orton blocks the Twist of Fate and powerslams Hardy. Orton with repeated pin attempts now. Orton goes under the ring and dumps out a toolbox now. Orton brings a screwdriver into the ring. Orton keeps Hardy grounded and exposes his ear. Orton puts his finger into Hardy's ear lobe and tries to tear it. Orton slides the screwdriver into the lobe now, stretching it back. Orton twists the screwdriver while it's in Hardy's lobe now. Hardy gets up to his feet and breaks the vicious hols with a low blow back kick. Hardy attacks Orton with his belt now. Hardy with chair shots to Orton. Hardy with more offense and a 2 count.

Hardy goes back to the top for a Swanton Bomb but Orton jumps up and crotches him. Orton hits the second rope draping DDT. Orton stands tall and poses to a mixed reaction. Orton drops down and hits the mat, waiting for Hardy to get back up. Hardy blocks the RKO and hits a Twist of Fate in the middle of the ring. Hardy places a chair on top of Orton and goes back up top. Hardy nails a Swanton Bomb on top of Orton and the chair. Orton kicks out at 2. Hardy goes under the ring and brings another ladder and another table in. Fans pop as Hardy enters the ring. Hardy stands a ladder up in the middle of the ring. Hardy stands a shorter ladder next to the first ladder. Hardy stands the table up next, in between the taller ladder and the ropes. Hardy gets a "delete!" chant going as Orton stands up. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and knocks Orton onto the table. Hardy unloads and positions Orton on the table. Hardy goes to the top of the short ladder. He thinks about leap-frogging the taller ladder but changes his mind. Hardy goes to the top of the taller ladder, grabs the top of the Cell and swings from it. Hardy swings a few times and drops himself down at the table but Orton has already moved and Hardy goes crashing through the table.

Fans chant "holy s–t!" as the referee checks on Hardy. The referee calls for the EMTs to come check on Hardy. Orton clears the debris away and covers for the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the pin, the referee screams for help to come to the ring. Orton gets to his feet and is announced the winner to a mixed reactions as the Cell is raised above the ring. EMTs place Hardy in a neck brace and start loading him onto a stretcher at ringside. Orton's music hits as we go to replays. Orton slowly walks up the ramp as the trainers get Hardy loaded onto the stretcher. Fans chant "Hardy!" as Orton looks on from the ramp. We get another replay of the finish as Hardy is stretchered up the ramp.

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