WWE Mae Young Classic Night 2: Mercedez Martinez Gets Even Plus Zeuxis, Ashley Rayne, Reina Gonzalez

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Last Week Recap
We kicked the night off with a recap of what happened last week before announcing tonight's matches — the one to watch is of course, Mercedes Martinez, who lost last year's Mae Young Classic, and is now coming back to face off against Ashley Rayne and avenge her defeat.

Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix, and Renee Young are back again this week, and they went over what a legend Mae Young was, and why the competition is named after her.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Priscilla Kelly
Georgia native Priscilla Kelly said that she likes to play mind games on her opponents. Deonna Purrazzo, who was an alternate last year, said that she's best known as a Fujiwara Arm Bar Specialist. The New Jersey native also said she was ready to "show herself to the world."

Purrazzo is also signed to NXT, and was well-known on the indie circuit — so much so, in fact, that she is known as "The Virtuosa." Kelly is known as "Hell's Harlot," and kicked off the match with a Full Nelson and a Leg Scissors on Purrazzo. Purrazzo got out of it with a handstand. Showing graceful balance, Purrazzo managed to get Kelly pinned for a one-count.

Kelly returned the favor with a kick and pinned Purrazzo for a two-count. She tried it again with a leg kick-out, but could only pin Purrazzo for a two-count.

Kelly continued to try to wear out Purrazzo with a dragon chokehold, but Purrazzo got her down with a dropkick and a kick-toss. Purrazzo could only get Kelly pinned for a two-count. But then Purrazzo showed what she was famous for by delivering a Fujiwara Arm Bar, which got Kelly to tap out, giving the match to Purrazzo. So much for the support of Samoa Joe...

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Zeuxis vs. Aerial Monroe

These two competitors could not be more different, so this match is nothing if not fascinating. Zeuxis, a Mexico City-based luchadora, faced off against former U.S. Air Force cadet — and Clearwater, FL native — Aerial Monroe.

Zeuxis kicked it off by grabbing Aerial Monroe's hair, which earned her a verbal lashing. She got Zeuxis pinned early for a two-count, proving she was a very physical competitor. The duo traded slaps and took turns hitting the mat, to alternating cheers and jeers.

Zeuxis then got a Big Biel on Monroe before dragging her across the ring by the hair and pinning her for a two-count. She then got Young in an abdominal stretch, which Monroe got out of with a crucifix pin, and got Zeuxis down for a two-count.

Zeuxis then got Monroe down for a two-count with a camel clutch. Monroe got Zeuxis down for a two-and-a-half count.

And around and around it went, almost too fast to cover in real time, before Zeuxis took the game with a Spanish fly (la dulzura).

Winner: Zeuxis

Kacy Catanzaro vs. Reina Gonzalez

Kacy Catanzaro of New Jersey started out on American Ninja Warrior — as the first woman to complete the course, no less — before coming to the ring, while Texas native Reina Gonzalez is coming to the Mae Young Classic for the second time.

It was revealed that Reina is the daughter of Desperado Gonazelez, so she comes to the ring with a bit of cache. It also helps that she's currently signed to NXT.

But this was nothing if not an uneven fight, because Reina is so much taller than Kacy, and Reina showed her prowess by giving a knee to Kacy's spine first off.

Reina got Kacy down for a two-count early on, after a spinning power slam. Even though it was very hard to keep Kacy down for more than a two-count, Reina was certainly doing her part to brutalize the young former gymnast. But Kacy ultimately took home the game with nothing but sheer grit and determination (and a well-timed roll-out).

Winner: Kacy Catanzaro

Ashley Rayne vs. Mercedes Martinez

Colombus, OH native Ashley Rayne said that the Mae Young Classic was the "culmination of a life-long dream." Known as the Queen Bee, she's been wrestling since 2005, and has a huge following on social media. CT native Martinez, meanwhile, is coming back to the Mae Young Classic for the second time.

The Undisputed Era were in the audience tonight to cheer on Martinez, who got in her licks early by pinning Rayne with a suplex for a two-count. Martinez got Rayne pinned again with a cover, but Rayne only stayed down for a two-count again.

Martinez then got a dazed Rayne into a Full Nelson.

And Martinez continued her brutality against Martinez with a vertical suplex, but then, the match turned around in Rayne's favor. Twice, she pinned Martinez for a two-count, but Martinez turned around and delivered a spine-buster to Rayne.

Rayne then delivered a neck-breaker to Martinez, then delivered a forearm to her face.

She then slammed Martinez with a cross body from the top turnbuckle, followed by a guillotine drop, but she could only pin Martinez for a two-count.

Despite Rayne's best efforts, Martinez took the match thanks to a well-timed fisherman buster.

Winner: Mercedez Martinez

The Mae Young Classic continues next Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. EST on the WWE Network. Tune in next week for more live coverage, results, and your feedback!