WWE Mae Young Classic Night 4 Results: Io Shirai Faces Xia Brookside, Taynara Conti, Isla Dawn

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Final Night of the First Round

Tonight's episode is the final night of the first round — beginning next week, we will be going into the semi-finals.

Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Rachel Evers

Matsumo is someone that's quickly proven her mettle from the minute she stepped into the ring — in fact, it took her landing the shoulder block to finally knock Evers off her feet and turn the tide into her favor.

Matsumo was already the favorite to win, but Evers wouldn't be easily defeated, and only went down for a two-count on this pull.

Evers comes back quickly with a Karelin lift, though, so she came ready to rumble. But Matsumo quickly countered with a hairpull biel, a snapmare, overhead elbow into a rear chinlock with a knee to the spine. That's when Matsumo began pummeling away at Evers, promising to destroy her with every move.

And, ultimately, she did, thanks to a well-placed deadlift powerbomb and a rock drop.

Winner: Hiroyo Matsumo

Jessie Elaban vs. Taynara Conti

Conti is known as a judo master in her native Brazil, and she showed her prowess in the ring as she alternated her judo throws with excellent moves like the waistlock, the standing switch, and the Stinger splash.

Even though Elaban is already signed to the WWE under the NXT umbrella, she was no match for Conti, who swiftly got tossed into a Fujiwara armbar by Conti. Elaban was able to break free and reverse to a pin. But she was no match for Conti, who won thanks to a Black Hole Slam.

Winner: Taynara Conti

Isla Dawn vs. Nicole Matthews

Isla Dawn was going to make it difficult for Nicole Matthews to take home the win, even though Matthews promised to put up a good fight from the jump. Dawn got the upper hand early thanks to a wristlock, but Matthews took her down to the mat almost instantly.

Dawn tried again, but Matthews side-stepped the Meteora charge. And thus began the dance that incorporated the Enzuigiri connects, fisherman suplex, suplex reversed to a short forearm, and a Samoan drop, but still could not let Matthews fall.

That's when Matthews took control of the ring, and pinned Dawn into a half-Nelson. Matthews then rolled Dawn over into a lariat and a liontamer, then claimed the match as her own.

WINNER: Nicole Matthews

Io Shirai vs. Xia Brookside

19-year-old Xia Brookside is the youngest competitor in the Mae Young Classic, and Io Shirai is the most high-profile female signing in WWE history (or so they claim), so this is definitely going to be an interesting match.

The Genius of the Sky has already proven that she's one to watch, and she proved to be the dominant fighter early on. Even though Brookside — the daughter of Robbie Brookside — tried her best with the headscissors and the reversed whip, Shirai delivered nothing but pain with a bulldog and an armtrap. She then responded to Brookside's snapmare with a facebuster, then countered a missed roundhouse kick with a Shotei. After making a double-knee connect, Shirai flipped off from the top rope and pinned Brookside for the count.

Winner: Io Shirai

The next round of the Mae Young Classic airs next Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. EST on the WWE Network.