WWE NXT Results (9/19): Ricochet Takes On Pete Dunne, Women's Division Tag Team Action, Jaxson Ryker

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Dakota Kai and Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lacey Evans and Aliyah

Purrazzo and Evan get things started as the crowd get a "Deonna" chant going. Purrazzo takes Evans down to the mat and instantly gets a headlock applied. Evans counters with a headscissors, but Purrazzo with a handstand to get out of it. Purrazzo avoids the women's right, Aliyah is tagged in, double kick. Aliyah with a boot to Purrazzo's back, but Aliyah ends up getting a kick to the face from both Purrazzo and Kai as she is tagged in. Kai with the quick cover, two, and Purrazzo is brought right back in.

Aliyah grabs a handful of hair and backs her opponent up to the corner, Evans tags in. Purrazzo tries for a fujiwara armbar, but Evans fights out of it and throws a forearm to the back. Aliyah back in, throws some big shots and screams at Purrazzo. Evans tags back, but Aliyah chokes Purrazzo along the bottom rope before coming back in after Evans gets in a few shots. Goes for the cover, two-count. Referee gets distract with Kai as Evans and Aliyah swing away on Purrazzo. Another pin attempt, but Kai runs in to break it up.

Evans drops a knee to Purrazzo's arm, cover, two. Aliyah in again, continues to work over Purrazzo's arm/shoulder. Purrazzo finally tags out, Kai with some forearms to Aliyah, lands a few quicks, hits some running kicks in the corner, cover, and Evans breaks it up. Evans with the blind tag, hits the women's right on Kai, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Lacey Evans and Aliyah via Pinfall

- Backstage, Velveteen Dream talks to the media about keeping up his momentum after winning at TakeOver and beating Johnny Gargano. Someone asks Dream about the Aleister Black's attack and who he thinks did it. He stops them because he's not here to talk about other people and bails.

- Outside, Street Profits are asked about why they were so bothered about nearly losing their chains. Montez Ford says they aren't just chains, they are a symbol of their struggle and success.

- Last week, we see the no contest between Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross as they were both counted out. Post-match, they continued to brawl as Cross jumped off the announce table to take out Belair and a bunch of a referees.

- Last week, Sarah Schreiber speaks with Belair about what happened in that match. Belair says Cross is "crazy" and she wasn't expecting her to take it to that level, but she's not backing down. Also, she's still undefeated.

Jaxson Ryker vs. Humberto Carrillo

This is Ryker's NXT in-ring debut. Ryker immediately throws Carrillo face-first down to the mat and stomps away at him in the corner. Reverse facelock by Ryker, sends his opponent into the ring, but catches a few boots to the face. Carrillo with a springboard, but Ryker with a clubbing blow that sends him down. Ryker with a slingshot powerbomb, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker via Pinfall

- Regal's office, Candice LeRae says she's sorry she can't be more helpful, but she (along with Kairi Sane and Kassius Ohno) didn't see anything. LeRae then says with the the attack went down it sounds like something Tommaso Ciampa would do. Regal says he spoke with Ciampa and doesn't have anything concrete against Ciampa. Regal then asks her if she had any proof of where Johnny Gargano was during the attack. She said they are currently keeping their personal and work lives separate, but she ran down what he was doing during that time. Regal thanks her and she heads out.

- Backstage, we see Pete Dunne and Ricochet preparing for their upcoming Champion vs. Champion Match.

- Few weeks back, we see how things broke down between Ricochet and Dunne during their match against Undisputed Era. Ricochet mistakenly took out Dunne, which led to Undisputed Era picking up the victory.

- Vignette for Keith Lee who talks about being "limitless" and overcoming his previous failures.

- Last month, EC3 commented on Aleister Black's attacker and thought it was no doubt Lars Sullivan due to Black breaking Sullivan's jaw in their TakeOver match. Three weeks ago, EC3 was attacked backstage by Lars Sullivan.

- Next week: Lars Sullivan is in action, and Otis Dozovic will face Tommaso Ciampa.

NXT North American Champion Ricochet vs. NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne (Champion vs. Champion Match)

Crowd very split for this one, leaning a bit towards Dunne, eventually they just chant "both these guys!" Stare down in the middle of the ring as both counter a few holds. Dunne looks to do damage to Ricochet's wrist and elbow. Ricochet trying to match Dunne with some mat wrestling of his own, commentary not sure if this is the way to go for the North American Champion. "One and only" and "Bruiserweight" chants from the crowd.

Dunne locks in a surfboard, countered, pin, one-count, and Dunne gets right back to work on Ricochet. Ricochet is up now and uses his speed to send Dunne out of the ring, he hits a suicide to wipe out Dunne. Action back in the ring, Dunne is able to work his way back into the match, Ricochet hits a few weak clotheslines. Dunne catches one, sets his arm on the mat, tries to kick it, but Ricochet moves out of the way.

Ricochet with a big lariat that flips Dunne inside out. Ricochet with a running european uppercut, springboard elbow, cover, two. Penalty kick misses by Dunne, tries for an x-plex, Ricochet flips and lands on his feet, running shooting star press, pin, two. Ricochet heads up to the top rope, leaps off, ends up in a flying armbar by Dunne, Ricochet with a pin, two. Ricochet misses a kick and a standing moonsault. Dunne stomps away on Ricochet's hand. Ricochet with a knee to the head, ends up on the apron, springboards in and gets caught with a heavy forearm. Dunne with an x-plex, cover, two.

German suplex attempt by Ricochet, Dunne lands on his feet, kick to the back of the head. Ricochet up, and kicks Dunne out of the ring. Ricochet looks to fly, nope, runs along the apron, tries for a moonsault, lands on his feet, and gets caught with a forearm. Back in the ring, Ricochet with a reverse hurricanrana, cover, two. "Are you kidding me!?" Mauro yells. Both wrestlers on the mat, Dunne gets Ricochet's beat up hand yet again and stomps on them, kick to the head. Ricochet with a kick to Dunne, enziguri and clothesline by Dunne.

Ricochet back up, goes for a handspring, ends up landing a DDT, cover, two. Crowd with an NXT chant. Ricochet heads up to the top rope, Dunne follows and locks on the injured hand yet again. Ricochet punches away and leaps off the top rope to hit a hurricanrana! Ax kick, Ricochet plants Dunne, cover, 2! Springboard 450, but Dunne locks in a triangle submission, Ricochet with a powerbomb to break out of it. Dunne snaps Ricochet's fingers, kimura locked in, but Ricochet fights out of it. Deadlift brainbuster by Ricochet. Both are totally spent and swinging weakly at each other. Out comes Undisputed Era to force a DQ finish.

Match ends in a no contest.

- Post-match, Undisputed Era continue to beat up Dunne and Ricochet, out come the War Raiders to chase them off. Both wrestlers are given their titles and stare at each other as the crowd chants "NXT!"


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