On this week’s edition of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast, which airs live every Monday after RAW, former WWE / TNA star Matt Morgan and Glenn Rubenstein reviewed last night’s RAW and discussed the possibility of Dean Ambrose turning heel, Brie Bella being attacked on social media and how good Dolph Ziggler is on the mic. Below are a few of the highlights from the podcast:

Dean Ambrose heel turn tease:

Morgan: “I think they did pretty well with it because these guys, remember the size of these egos that these guys must have. They are all former, or current world champions you know what I mean? They should have massive egos; not dicky egos, but egos like, I am the man of this group kind of ego. There should be that natural, I don’t know, decisive about not needing them and already shown proof of not needing them [Shield] where they talk about how they won the titles individually without them so it does make sense. The way tonight’s show ended was kind of cool as well I thought, and to have all six of these guys working together in a match is a good thing because you know what my ultimate goal is; my goal is to keep Drew Mcintyre shining the most throughout this entire angle.”

Brie Bella getting attacked on Twitter after possibly giving Liv Morgan a concussion:

Rubenstein: “On Twitter, oh my God. Twitter has had it out for Brie Bella this entire run.”

Morgan: “I’m surprised to hear that because it is Daniel Bryan’s wife. I am actually surprised to hear that. I figure it would have been Nikki Bella to receive backlash on Twitter because it is John Cena’s ex-fiance”

Rubenstein: “Yeah, but Nikki Bella wasn’t getting crap when she was a solo star, which we talked about several weeks ago. Nikki on her own it seemed like to have been taken really seriously, but when it is the ‘Bella Twins’ that just conjures up memories for people.”

Morgan: “Again, it is Daniel Bryan’s wife. That is the internet’s wet dream. They love Daniel Bryan, so I just thought through association she would get more over because of it. I know it sounds silly, but if you watch the show once in a while, between the two of them, Brie Bella is actually a student of the game, which is why I am surprised this happened.”

Dolph Ziggler’s promo:

Morgan: “Dolph Ziggler at his finest, right? This is what he brings to that group. Remember when we talked about how they had all three of them out there for the first time and they had Strowman talking out there for way too much, using way too many words to explain why he is aligning with these two gentlemen, and then Drew McIntyre cuts a pretty decent promo, and then Dolph with his high-pitched voice pretty much killed the promo, so I am glad to see that they have found it for him, which Dolph is a pretty good promo by all accounts; he is not bad.”

Rubenstein: “I think when he is genuine—his last face run before they brought back The Spirit Squad I thought was fantastic. When Dolph Ziggler being real I am 100% behind it.”

Morgan: “Yes, when he talks about how good he is, every one of us does that, but it is different when he does it because I really believe that he believes it so it is just different. It is very Shawn Michaels-like when he talks about himself being the best. I really believe that he believes that, which doesn’t really feel very heelish to me. It’s like, yeah, you are the best in the ring as a heel. I agree with him. This was great. It was the very good use of him tonight.”

You can watch the full episode in the video above, or listen to it in the audio player below.

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