WWE Star Visits Kane On His First Day As Mayor, Batista In WWE Top 10, WWE UK Star On Dream Match

- Above is WWE's latest Top 10 featuring the company's biggest quitters. The group included: Kevin Owens saying he quits from this week's Raw and Batista waving goodbye to Evolution.

- WWE UK Star Kenny Williams spoke with the Mirror about his dream match being against Rey Mysterio.

"Rey Mysterio is the perfect example of my style," Mysterio said. "He's redefined what it means to be a smaller sized wrestler, and when I started wrestling, I took inspiration from that, and I watched a lot of his matches to study him and see how he worked with bigger guys. When I was younger, people would always say I couldn't wrestle, and I would always use Rey Mysterio as an example of why I could. So to be across the ring from him in front of a home crowd, was just incredible. And then to come out on top was something that a 12-year-old version of myself would be losing his mind thinking about it."

- As noted, Kane (Glenn Jacobs) had his first day in the office as mayor of Knox County. Below are photos of Jacobs putting together his chair and Goldust supporting his friend as he was sworn in as mayor. Jacobs also used his Kane Twitter account to give himself a little bump by writing, "Check out Glenn Jacobs. I hear he's a great guy." The last time he used that account was June of 2017.


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