Young Bucks Talk Former WWE Stars Showing Up In NJPW: "New Japan Is The Destination Now"

The Young Bucks spoke with New Japan Pro Wrestling on moving up to the heavyweight tag division, the current NJPW titleholders, and former WWE stars working in NJPW. Here are some of the highlights:

Former WWE stars who have worked in NJPW:


Nick Jackson: "I think it's great. It shows you how big of company New Japan is. And it shows you that even from up bigger company like WWE, those superstars want to compete here because they know deep down in their head that this is where the best wrestling is."

Matt Jackson: "New Japan is the destination now. Everybody wants to come here because NJPW has the best wrestlers."

Moving up to the heavyweight tag division:

Matt Jackson: "Now we don't have to just wrestle the junior tag teams, who we've wrestled many years. So now, we wrestled bigger guys, different guys, different styles."

Nick Jackson: "Different matches now. We won the junior titles 7 times, so it was time for us to move on."

Matt Jackson: "Let's us change our styles."


Every current NJPW title being held by a foreign wrestler, except for the NEVER Openweight Championship:

Nick Jackson: "I think it's crazy. It shows you how much talent there is worldwide. Every nationality has good wrestlers everywhere. New Japan is all about expanding and I feel like it's good because it shows how many different wrestlers are around the world."

Matt Jackson: "I think pro wrestling is the healthiest stage right now. I think the wrestling economy is booming. Wrestling is cool again because of the vast majority of wrestlers in styles, characters, and talent."

The Young Bucks also discussed some of their recent matches, like facing Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.