WWE 205 Live Recap (10/17): Fatal-5 Way Main Event, Kendrick Saves Tozawa

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Drake Maverick talks about how the landscape of 205 Live has changed with the new title reign of Buddy Murphy, Mike Kanellis jumping to join the cruiserweight division, and Tony Nese picking up a monumental win over former champion Cedric Alexander on last week's show. Drake asks if Cedric can snap out of his recent losing ways and hypes th

e main event: A Fatal-5 way between Cedric Alexander, Lio Rush, Gran Metalik, Tony Nese, and TJP.

Intro song.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Joseph tells us that Buddy Murphy is in the building for the first time since winning the title in Australia.

Drew Gulak is on his way to the ring with Jack Gallagher for our first matchup of the evening. His opponent...Akira Tozawa, in a bout that was announced seven days ago. Flashback to two weeks ago when Gulak and Gallagher kicked Brian Kendrick out of their faction, and beat him down in the middle of the ring.

Tozawa comes out...let's do this thing.

Akira Tozawa versus Drew Gulak

Akira gets the crowd to chant before they tie-up. Gulak takes early advantage with a takedown headlock. Early suplex attempt from Gulak but Akira escapes and responds with a frankensteiner. Sunset flip from Gulak but Akira rolls through landing a kick to Gulak's chest, followed by a standing senton. Stomps from Akira to Gulak in the corner. Big strikes from Akira knocks Gulak on his back. Akira goes for a crossbody but Gulak catches him with a backbreaker and a fallaway slam.

Gulak traps Akira in a modified octopus stretch, raking on Akira's face while applying pressure. Gulak applies the Gory special submission. Akira escapes impressively. Middle rope sunset flip from Akira but this time Gulak rolls through and transitions right into a powerbomb. Cover but only two. Deep headlock in by Gulak...HE'S BITING AKIRA'S EAR MIKE TYSON STYLE. Nice counter sequence from both men ends with Akira hitting trouble in paradise. Missile dropkick from the top sends Gulak to the outside. Suicide dive from Akira and he takes out Gulak and Gallagher! He throws Gulak back in the ring and climbs to the top for his finishing top rope senton...but Gallagher jumps on the apron and sweeps Akira's leg! DQ!

Akira Tozawa wins by disqualification.

Gallagher and Gulak begin to beat Tozawa down. Brian Kendrick comes out for the save. He throws Gulak over the top rope and locks Gallagher in the Bully Choke. Gulak and Gallagher flee, and Kendrick helps Akira to his feet. Akira looks stunned...he and Kendrick feuded for nearly three months not too long ago.

Drake Maverick is backstage with Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese. Drake congratulates him on his championship win. Buddy says he would have won it a long time ago if not for Maverick. Buddy then puts over Tony, who says that he and Buddy run things now.

Mike Kanellis is shown with Maria. He says that his attack on Lince Dorado was nothing personal, he just capitalized on an opportunity. Kanellis says that it's all part of a plan to become the cruiserweight champion, and that 205 Live is looking at it's new power couple. Dorado and Kanellis are announced for next week.

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Hideo Itami is backstage, speaking Japanese. He tells Mustafa Ali that he should have shown respect...now he plans to end Ali's career. He laughs methodically.

Mustafa Ali is seen walking in the rain. He says that it's time to take a new road. On this road...things will be different...on this road things will be dangerous...on this road...F

ALLS COUNT ANYWHERE. The match is made official for next week.

TJP is on his way to the ring...and it's main event time. Metalik is out next, followed by Lio Rush and Tony Nese. Cedric Alexander comes out last, looking to bounce back from a losing streak.

TJP versus Gran Metalik versus Cedric Alexander versus Tony Nese versus Lio Rush

TJP pulls Metalik to the outside. Cedric goes right after Nese clotheslining him over the top. Rush and Cedric have a nice exchange in the ring countering each other left and right. Springboard frankensteiner by Rush and he taunts Cedric. Cedric chases him to the outside but gets run over by Nese.

Back in the ring Metalik hits a springboard crossbody, and shows off his athleticism walking the ropes. Nese takes out Metalik but gets hit with a series of strikes from Rush who stands alone in the ring for a brief moment. TJP pops in and locks Metalik and Rush in a duel submission. TJP tries to rip off Metaliks mask but Neses breaks it up. Cool looking german suplex spot from Nese onto TJP.

Nese takes a moment to pose and flex with all the other men down. He cranks on Metaliks neck to slow things down. Big back drop from Nese. He works Metaliks neck over, and puts the luchadore in the tree-of-woe. Ab crunch kicks to Metalik's neck and Nese is in full control. Cedric sneak in with a roll up but Nese bounces back with a huge lariat.

Strange botch between Metalik and Nese, but they come right back and Metalik lands a brainbuster. Cedric and Metalik going at it now. Knife edged chop from Metalik but Cedric comes back with his signature springboard clothesline. Cedric superkicks TJP from the apron on the outside, and then catches Nese in a springboard flatliner. Rush attacks Cedric, but then gets met by TJP. TJP goes for the detonation kick but Rush escapes.

Top rope superplex gets broken by Nese. Incredible sequence where all men nearly get a pinfall victory. Metalik rolls up Nese, Cedric hits a driver on TJP, and Rush comes out of NOWHERE with a big frog splash. Crowd is loving this cheering heavily for Rush. Metalik with a fancy arm-drag on Nese. Rush comes in with a series of strikes, but Nese reciprocates with a big forearm. Handspring enziguri from Cedric knocks Nese to his back. Superkick from Metalik on Cedric but Cedric responds with an enziguri that puts Metalik to the floor. Tope con hilo from Cedric! He throws Metalik in but TJP tries to steal the pin. Kick out. TJP tries to rip the mask of off Metalik. Everyone getse thrown to the floor but Rush and Nese, who powerbombs Rush onto the others! (WOW WHAT ACTION.)

In the ring it's Metalik and Nese exchanging strikes. Reverse slingblade by Metalik onto Nese. He climbs to the top but TJP pushes him off. Kneebar locked in by TJP onto Nese in the center of the ring. Cedric tries to break it up but TJP locks the kneebar onto him as well. Metalik breaks it up...ASAI MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE FROM METALIK. Big superkick from Rush onto Nese. He climbs to the top but Cedric catches him with the Lumbar check!! Nese outta nowhere and rolls Cedric up AND THAT'S IT.

Tony Nese wins by pinfall.

Nese flees the ring taunting Cedric who looks distraught. Nese screams that he beat him two weeks in a row, and poses at the top of the entrance ramp. Backstage Buddy Murphy looks on with approval.

That's the show friends.


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