WWE 205 Live Recap (10/24): Mike Kanellis Makes In-Ring Debut, Itami And Ali Falls Count Anywhere

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Video package flashing back to four months ago, when Hideo Itami attacked Mustafa Ali during his matchup with Buddy Murphy. The content covers Hideo and Mustafa's vicious feud that's taking place since then, including a bout where Hideo put Ali on the shelf for a couple months. Tonight...they end their feud in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

205 Intro song.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcomes us to the 100th episode of 205 Live. Lince Dorado is on his way to the ring for the first matchup of the evening. His opponent is Mike Kanellis. In case you missed it...Kanellis attacked Dorado two weeks ago during his debut, and along with wife Maria, has promised big things for the division. General manager Drake Maverick announced the grudge match last week.

Lince Dorado with Kalisto versus Mike Kanellis with Maria Kanellis

Dorado strikes Kanellis with a strong right hand to start. Corkscrew takedown, followed by a dropkick and Dorado has the early advantage. He unloads on Kanellis in the corner with multiple strikes. Kanellis responds by slamming Dorado's head off the top turnbuckle and slows down the pace.

TJP is shown watching the match backstage.

Dorado clotheslines Kanellis over the top rope to the outside. Dorado sets up for a suicide dive but Maria gets on the apron causing a distraction. Kanellis takes advantage and sucker punches Dorado. Series of short-arm clotheslines and Kanellis is now in full control.

Kanellis wears Dorado down with a front facelock and multiple rest holds, targeting the neck and the shoulders. Kalisto tries to rally Dorado but Kanellis keeps control with a vertical suplex. Cover but only two. Kanellis goes back to working on the shoulders but Dorado finally responds back. Kick by Dorado, followed by a frankensteiner with a cover. Two count. Kanellis nails a huge superkick. Both men are down.

Kanellis charges Dorado in the corner but gets caught with a spinning wheel kick. Multiple clotheslines from Dorado to keep Kanellis down. Enziguri from Dorado. He puts Kanellis up on the top...top rope frankensteiner! Cover...a close two. Back on their feet Kanellis catches a Dorado mid-kick, but Dorado hits another enziguri. He climbs for his finisher but Kanellis moves. BIG SPINEBUSTER from Kanellis. Another very close two count.

Dorado hits a springboard stunner that sends Kanellis to the outside. Suicide plancha from Dorado. He throws Kanellis back in the ring. Shooting star press...but Kanellis gets his foot on the ropes!! (WOW!) Kanellis rolls to the outside. He pushes Kalisto and Gran Metalik. Frankensteiner from the apron by Dorado! Back in the ring Kanellis rakes the eyes. Cross-Rhodes from Kanellis...and that'll do it.

Mike Kanellis wins by pinfall.

McGuinness berates the Lucha House party for constantly losing. Mike and Maria celebrate at the top of the entrance way.

Backstage Drake Maverick thanks the WWE Universe for tuning in for the past two years, and reaching the 100th episode. He hypes the main event...referencing Hideo's Itami signing, and Mustafa Ali's path through the Cruiserweight Classic. He then says that next week the new number one contender will be determined for champion Buddy Murphy.

Brian Kendrick cuts a promo. He says that far better men than Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher have failed to get rid of him in the past. He also says that next week he'll show Jack Gallagher no mercy. Match is confirmed by McGuinness.

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Recap of the incredible Fatal-Five way main event from last week, where Tony Nese pinned former champion Cedric Alexander for the second week in the row.

Lio Rush cuts a promo. He says that he has still undefeated in singles action, and that Cedric Alexander was nowhere near beating him last week, even though Cedric hit the Lumbar Check.

Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese are backstage for an interview. Buddy says that if Drake Maverick is a man of his word, he'll drum up a suitable opponent. Nese claims that since he won last week he should already be the #1 contender, but no matter who Maverick puts in his path, he'll earn that opportunity.

Mustafa Ali is out (WITH FULL LEDS), which means it's time for our main event. Hideo's out second.

Mustafa Ali versus Hideo Itami FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE

Some jaw jacking before they begin. Tie-up. Hideo opens up his offense with strikes to Ali's gut...sending him to the outside. Ali bounces back in the ring and lands a frankensteiner which throws Hideo out. Suicide plancha and Ali goes for the early pin on the outside! Two count. Both men are trading strikes...Ali slams Hideo's head off the steel steps.

Back in the ring Ali hits Hideo with big knife-edged chops. Ali attempts a high risk but Hideo kicks out his legs and he hits the apron HARD. To the outside again...Hideo throws Ali right into the barricade. He throws Ali back in and lands a running knee to the gut. Hideo targets Ali's midsection with stiff kicks. He's screaming for Ali to respect him. Deep headlock and Hideo is in control.

More kicks from Hideo, but Ali counters an attack with a roll-up. Superkick from Ali. Another one to the back of Hideo's head. Both men are down. Hideo charges Ali in the corner but Ali evades. Enziguri from the apron, followed by his signature roll-through facebuster. Hideo rolls to the outside. Ali chases him but gets back body dropped into the time-keepers area. Ali tries a high-risk off the barricade but Hideo has it scouted and again sweeps the leg. Ali lands on the time-keepers floor hard.

As Hideo taunts the crowd Ali comes out of nowhere with a dive off the barricade. He throws Hideo at the announcers table! He pulls everything off and sets Hideo up for a powerbomb. Hideo counters and turns it into a half-crab! Hideo uses his foot as leverage but Ali escapes. Big boot from Hideo and Ali flies off the table and smacks the barricade. Another pinfall attempt...only two. Hideo tosses Ali into the crowd, but as he jumps over the barricade Ali surprises him with another superkick. Ali covers. Only two.

Back at ringside, Hideo throws Ali into the steel steps. He detaches the top stairs and pulls the bottom half away from the ring post. Ali cuts him off...they both brawl up the entrance path. Back body drop countered by Ali, but Hideo hits a huge lariat. Hideo gets Ali to the apron to set up a superplex onto the steel steps, but Ali knocks him off. Hideo lands on the steps...stands up...ALI HITS A FLYING CROSSBODY. Pinfall but only two!

Ali pulls a table out from under the ring, but doesn't see Hideo and gets hit with another big boot. Hideo separates the stairs on the other side of the ring. Mustafa tries to run up them but Hideo trips him. Hideo pulls the original stairs and tries to slam them on Ali's head! Ali moves at the last second. Hideo throws Ali at them but he parkours around it and destroys Hideo with a tornado DDT! He sets up the table and places Hideo on top. Ali climbs...he screams that he's always respected Itami...450 through the table...cover and that's it.

Mustafa Ali wins by pinfall.

Backstage Drake Maverick is being interviewed. He says that after watching Ali in action... next week on 205 Live...Tony Nese will battle Mustafa Ali to determine the #1 contender for Buddy Murphy's cruiserweight championship.

That's the show friends.


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