WWE 205 Live (10/31) Recap: Mustafa Ali And Tony Nese Battle For #1 Contender, Kendrick Vs Gallagher

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In a video...General Manager Drake Maverick reminds us that last week was 205 Live's 100th episode, and commends the incredible Falls Count Anywhere main event between Hideo Itami and Mustafa Ali. Maverick then says that this week's episode will be even better...and hypes up the evenings card: Brian Kendrick takes on Jack Gallagher, and Mustafa Ali versus Tony Nese to determine the #1 contender for the cruiserweight championship. Maverick ponders if Ali is still banged up from last week.

205 Live intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show. Jack Gallagher walks down to the ring with Drew Gulak for the evening's first matchup.

Recap video from last month when Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher attacked Brian Kendrick and kicked him out of their posse.

Kendrick is out next...here we go.

Jack Gallagher versus Brian Kendrick

Some jaw-jacking to start... Gallagher and Kendrick begin trading strikes. Gallagher escapes to the outside but Kendrick comes out of nowhere with a baseball slide! Gulak provides a distraction from the commentary table allowing Gallagher to push Kendrick into the ring apron. Back in the ring Gallagher hits Kendrick with a snap suplex, and has the early advantage of this bout.

After a big Irish-whip, Gallagher targets Kendrick's back with submissions and a big backbreaker. Early cover attempt from Gallagher but Kendrick kicks out. Kendrick tries to fire back but Gallagher nails him with a running knee. Gallagher lands several standing big boots but Kendrick keeps bouncing up begging for more! A third big boot puts Kendrick down.

Comeback attempt by Kendrick...he lands a back body drop and connects with a few stiff forearms to Gallagher's head. Tiger suplex from Kendrick and he transitions right into the Bully Choke! Gallagher gets to the ropes to break the hold, rolls to the apron, and wretches Kendrick's neck over the ropes. Gallagher sling-shots into the ring and catches Kendrick in a rear-naked choke submission! Kendrick escapes! Gallagher attempts his finishing running dropkick but Kendrick moves! Superkick! Gulak comes over to help Gallagher but Akira Tozawa comes out to chase Gulak away! Sliced Bread from Kendrick onto Gallagher...and that's it.

Brian Kendrick wins by pinfall.

Akira and Kendrick stand tall as Gulak and Gallagher leave disappointed.

Drake Maverick is backstage with Cedric Alexander. Cedric is confused as to why Drake hasn't given him his contractually obliged title rematch with Buddy Murphy. Drake says that it would be unfair for Cedric to have the rematch now...when he's on a losing streak...and not at championship level. Cedric understands...and promises to get back on track.

Ad for tonight's NXT. (Matt Riddle's television debut!)

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Lucha House Party is out next. Gran Metalik will be in action. Vic Joseph reminds us that Lucha House party defeated the Revival on this past week's Raw. Earlier recorded promo from Metalik calling out TJP for his disgusting actions against the luchadores.

Metalik's opponent is already in the ring.

Gran Metalik versus Unknown

Metalik shows off his athleticism with some quick offense. Reverse sling-blade. He walks the ropes and hits a big elbow drop. SQUASH.

Gran Metalik wins by pinfall.

Before Metalik can celebrate TJP comes from out of nowhere and attacks Metalik. He grabs Metalik's mask and flees before Kalisto and Lince Dorado can come to his rescue. The luchadores cover their friends face to end the segment.

Backstage Buddy Murphy walks with Tony Nese before getting interviewed. He says that he just spoke with Drake Maverick, and because 205 is in the UK next week...he'll challenge a superstar from the UK roster...Mark Andrews.

Commercial for WWE Shop.

Ad for Braun Strowman versus Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at that one show that no one will watch because reasons.

Back from break and Mike and Maria Kanellis are being interviewed. Maria grabs the microphone and conducts her own interview with her husband. She asks him how it feels to be the best cruiserweight in the division...before he can answer TJP runs in looking for help with the Lucha House Party. They all go off to talk business.

Mark Andrews versus Buddy Murphy is made official for next week's 205.

Mustafa Ali is out and it's main event time! (His ribs are all taped up.) Tony Nese comes out second counting his abs like usual.

Mustafa Ali versus Tony Nese to determine the #1 contender for the cruiserweight championship

Nese bull rushes Ali into the corner targeting the ribs. He tosses Ali into the turnbuckle. Ali is not 100%. Ali come back with a frankensteiner that sends Nese to the outside. Slingshot plancha from Ali but Nese ends up holding on...fallaway slam and Ali hits the steel ramp hard. Gorilla press from Nese and he drops Ali right on his ribs over the barricade.

Back in the ring Nese halts Ali's momentum with a series of running-knees to the gut. Cover attempt..but Ali kicks out. Nese tees off on Ali, stomping on the damaged ribs so much the ref has to push him back. Ali dodges another running knee and turns it into a roll-up. Nese escapes. Ali attempts a tornado DDT but Nese has it scouted, catches Ali, and turns it into a northern lights suplex with the cover! Ali kicks out again. Body scissor from Nese and the action slows down.

Nese climbs to the second rope for an attack but Ali pulls out his foot and Nese hits hard. Ali starts fighting back...hitting Nese with big rights. Nese gains back the advantage knocking Ali down. He goes for his signature springboard moonsault but Ali moves. Sunset flip from Ali...he transitions into a sit-out powerbomb! No pin attempt though. Ali comes back with his roll-through facebuster. Nese rolls to the outside. TOPE CON HILO FROM ALI. (Wow he almost over-rotated.) He throws Nese back in...top rope crossbody with cover! Only two! (He couldn't make the pin right away because of the damage to the ribs.)

A nice sequence sees a series of counters from both men...Ali lands a few quick strikes...a superkick...ANOTHER superkick to the back of Nese's head. Another pinfall attempt that Nese BARELY kicks out of. Ali pulls Nese to the corner for the 054, but Nese pulls his leg out! Fireman carry attempt from Nese but Ali shifts his weight and escapes. He lures Nese in...TORNADO DDT! Ali climbs the top rope again but Nese kips up and lands a huge palm strike! Fireman carry on the top robe...RIB BREAKER! ALI KICKS OUT! (AHHH!)

Upset Nese rips away at the tape covering Ali's ribs. Ref has to stop Nese, who shouts back at him. Ali rolls him up...GOT EM!

Mustafa Ali wins by pinfall to become the #1 contender.

Tony Nese continues to attack Mustafa but Cedric Alexander comes out to run him off! Long tease from Cedric that he might attack Mustafa...but instead he helps him up and raises his arm. (Thank God.) Buddy Murphy comes out to stand with Nese at the top of the entrance way. He poses with the title...he and Mustafa stare each other down.

That's the show friends.


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