Vince McMahon remains at the head of the WWE creative crew, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and gives the final say for everything on RAW and SmackDown. Ed Koskey is the lead writer for RAW and currently has the most creative input of anyone next to Triple H and Vince. “Road Dogg” Brian James and Ryan Ward are the head writers for SmackDown while Joe Belcastro is the lead writer for WWE NXT.

Dave Kapoor, who previously played the Ranjin Singh character on TV, is the show-runner or the Chief of Staff for creative. The other writers, for the most part, aren’t at the meetings with Vince at WWE headquarters and only work with him at TV tapings.

The Observer adds that Vince usually just dictates what creative plans he wants and the writing team doesn’t get a lot through to him, with a few exceptions.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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