Liv Morgan Cleared To Wrestle, Backstage Talk On What Happened With Her Concussion On RAW

Regarding Liv Morgan suffering the concussion while taking kicks from Brie Bella on RAW two weeks ago, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the referee did not know Morgan was injured. The referee counted when Brie pinned Morgan but Morgan instinctively kicked out as she immediately recovered because it was a flash knockout.

Brie communicated with Morgan in the ring and thought she was at least somewhat alright and conscious as Morgan talked back. Brie tried to get Morgan into the corner and Morgan tried herself to go to the corner but her legs were weak and she stumbled. Brie then said, "She's out," and that's when the referee, Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott and Brie all realized that Morgan was legitimately injured. Riott then tagged herself into the match.

WWE officials backstage at the Gorilla Position did not immediately recognize what was going on as they had to ask the referee what was happening. Dr. Christopher Amann and other backstage medics came to the ring to check on Morgan while the match continued. The referee then missed a pin attempt because he was watching what was happening with Morgan and the medics. Brie yelled about the pin attempt that Riott was making on her and that's when the referee counted the two-count.

Regarding the six-woman suplex spot during the match, Morgan saw the setup and wanted to participate. The referee warned her not to get in the ring but she said she was fine and did the spot. She got rocked during that spot and was dizzy. RAW then went to commercial break and while Morgan was still at ringside, Michael Cole noted on commentary that she was already backstage, for whatever reason. Riott went to ringside to talk with Morgan and Amann as soon as the match ended.

The big question after the match was how the medics and Amann allowed Morgan to get back into the ring, but it's possible she jumped back in on her own before anyone could stop her.

Liv was cleared to compete while backstage at Monday's RAW in Seattle. She will team with Riott and Logan to face The Bella Twins and RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey at WWE Super Show-Down in Australia on Saturday.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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