– The Hollywood Reporter reports that former WWE Champion Batista is in talks to star in Fantasy Island, a big-screen remake of the hit TV show from 1977-1984.

The feature film is described as a tonal mix of The Cabin In the Woods and Westworld, focusing on a group of contest winners who arrive at an island hotel to live out their dreams, only to find themselves trapped in nightmare scenarios. Michael Pena and Jimmy O. Yang have already signed on for starring roles.

If he agrees on a deal, Batista would star as a former guest who is still on the island against his will, and who wants to expose Pena’s character Mister Roarke and the magical secrets of the island.

– WWENetworkNews.com reports that the following Hidden Gems are being added to the WWE Network today:

WWWF @ MSG 08/01/1977 ? Unpredictable Greatness
WWE Hall of Famers square off at The World’s Most Famous Arena when ‘The Unpredictable’ Johnny Rodz battles Carlos Colon.

WWE 01/08/1992 ? The Art of War
Lucha legend Konnan makes a rare WWE appearance as Latin Fury when he takes on the former partner of Eddie Guerrero, ‘The Juicer’ Art Barr.

WWE Super Astros 11/22/1998 ? When Stars Align
Before becoming an ECW and WWE mainstay, Super Crazy performed as Super Loco against El Hijo del Santo in this bout from Super Astros.

OVW 11/20/2002 ? The Heat Comes to OVW
Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero makes his presence felt in his one and only OVW appearance when he takes on Nova in this match from 2002.

– SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day appeared at the Heartland Radio offices earlier this week to raise money for Connor’s Cure with former NFL player and former Barstool Sports personality Pat McAfee, who has made several appearances for the WWE NXT brand at pre-shows and live events. Below is a clip from their big day together and comments from Stephanie McMahon, who revealed a $10,000 donation from McAfee: