Becky Lynch is currently enjoying her second run as SmackDown Women’s Champion. In the midst of a heel-turn for the first time on the main roster, Lynch is undergoing a strong push for the first time since winning the inaugural title two years ago. She recently spoke to Lilian Garcia on her Chasing Glory podcast and discussed feeling directionless for a time.

As one of the WWE’s “Four Horsewomen” alongside Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Bayley, Lynch is one of the cornerstones of the Women’s Revolution. When she first won the women’s title in 2016, Lynch said she put pressure on herself to build the SmackDown women’s division because she was the only Horsewoman on the show. She said she felt like she got lost in the shuffle because of how much effort she put into putting other superstars over.

“I don’t know because that was another thing; I was on SmackDown and had left the other three. They were all on RAW. I was all on my own on SmackDown and I wanted to make sure that SmackDown was the show to watch. I wanted to make sure that the women’s division was the division people wanted to watch the most,” Lynch said. “Maybe that was the thing—maybe I wanted to work together with people too much to really make it a communal effort where it’s like, okay guys, we are really going to do this and make this a thing. There were a lot of tremendous talents there like: Nikki Bella, Naomi, and Nattie Neidhart and everything like that where they are respected and loved and I wanted everybody to be part of it so with that maybe it is a Catholic guilt thing where you think, oh, I want you to have it as well, don’t think that I am better than you. Just weird stuff like that that would go through my head.”

Lynch turned heel by attacking her best friend Charlotte Flair after her title win at SummerSlam. Lynch then won the title from Flair at Hell In A Cell and despite her status as a heel, she still receives strong support from the WWE Universe. Lynch believes their rivalry is so compelling because both of them have qualities that are relatable, giving fans a reason to choose sides.

“I think it is a rivalry for the ages, right? It is something that people can relate to. I think the reason that I think people are particularly getting behind me and not that they are not getting behind Charlotte,” Lynch said. “It is pretty much pick a side kind of thing, but Charlotte has been a natural since day one, you know? She is tall, beautiful, strong, athletic and she achieves things, right? Then you have the underdog who may not have been the most athletic or gifted, but she clawed her way the entire time. She clawed and hopes and gets it, and then one day she thinks, you know what? She ends up having enough of this and then slaps the head off and decides to take whatever she wants and I think that it is a story that people can really look at and be interested in.

“The thing is is that when she was gone it was the Becky Lynch Show, right?” she continued. “Becky was on a roll, Becky was on a roll, and then Charlotte comes back and then all of a sudden Becky goes in the back of the line. It’s not really all about me anymore. It is about her being in this match, and it is like stepping back, and me thinking, no, I want that title. I want that title and I will not apologize for it. It’s like, oh, you have the title now? No, that was meant to be mine, and bang! Right across the face.”

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Source: Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia

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