Last night on RAW, Bobby Lashley faced Finn Balor in a singles match, and in the end, the Irishman picked up the win with a roll-up. Lashley has been dominant ever since he was paired with Lio Rush on-screen, with Lio serving as Lashley’s mouthpiece. Lashley confronted Balor last week after his match, leading to the two squaring off this week. Considering WWE has been building Lashley as a dominant force on RAW, it surprised quite a few people when Balor picked up the clean win this week on the show.

Dave Meltzer spoke about the match between Lashley and Balor on the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave noted that while Balor picking up the win surprised a lot of people, there might have been a reason behind WWE booking him to win the match. Meltzer revealed that Lashley has been working hurt, while the nature of the injury wasn’t revealed. Meltzer added that it’s not known if Lashley will require time off.