Brian Cage is the current X-Division champion with Impact Wrestling but he has other business to attend to at Bound for Glory. He will be teaming with Pentagon Jr. and Fenix to take on Ohio Versus Everything in a six-man oVe Rules Match.

Cage talked with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the debut episode of The WINCLY about the expectations for him and the Lucha Brothers in their six-man tag match.

“We’re gonna get our stuff in. We’re gonna own the spotlight. We’re gonna steal the night and have the match of the night,” said Cage. “Of course, with an oVe Rules Match, whether you like them or not, their six-man tag matches are unbelievable. Like, their worst won is still probably the best [six-man tag match] you’ve ever seen.

“So, I expect nothing but the same except for the fact that we’re gonna be in it. We’re gonna own the show, steal the spotlight and have the match of the night. You’re gonna see a couple of new things you haven’t seen yet from me and maybe as well from the Lucha Brothers. But it’s gonna be a hell of a ride and I expect us to get our hands raised high as the winners, and more importantly, reiterating having the match of the night.”

Cage was then asked about the wrestlers he looked up to while growing up and he called upon a hardcore legend with a unique style.

“When I was younger, I was a big fan of Raven in WCW, the whole Raven’s Rules stuff. He was probably one of my favorite guys to play with on [WCW video game] Revenge as well. I always liked his stuff,” said Cage.

“I was a skateboarder at the time, but he just had an interesting appeal. He did things differently like the way he would sit in the corner and cut his artistically-vibed promos. He was just unique and I liked the matches with Raven’s Rules. I also transitioned to liking Kanyon so much?him, Kanyon, DDP and Saturn. That whole feud was one of my favorite things with WCW.”

With Cage being involved in the six-man tag match, that means he won’t get the chance to defend the X-Division Title at Impact’s biggest pay-per-view event. He discussed any frustration in not being able to put that belt on the line.

“I’m happy being in the match I’m in,” Cage stated. “I think it will definitely have a lot of eyes on it and do well. But yeah there’s a little bit of being the X-Division champion, I’ve said I wanted to redefine the X-division which I feel that I’ve been doing and make it the Weapon X-Division.

“Everyone keeps asking about Option C and I wanna make the World Title exactly that: Option C because I have Option A. So, not being able to defend it at Bound for Glory, it does hurt. I actually thought I would be able to defend it more leading up to Bound for Glory and I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so. It’s a little like, ‘aw man, come on’ but I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing and I believe there will be plenty of people lining up and waiting for opportunities after oVe. So, I’ll get my title defenses under my belt one way or another.”

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