At Super Show-Down, Melbourne’s own Buddy Murphy won his first-ever WWE singles championship, as he defeated Cedric Alexander to become the Cruiserweight Champion. In 2015. Murphy won the NXT Tag Team Championship with Wesley Blake, and they retained it for over seven months before losing them to the Vaudevillians at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Murphy ended his team with Blake in early 2016, and spent nearly two years without a direction in NXT. Murphy made his 205 Live debut shortly before WrestleMania 34, with a much leaner look. Since then, he has been on a quest to become champion, previously falling short against Alexander. However, he is now champion, and he shared with Mirror Sport about his achievement.

During the interview, The Undertaker’s music commenced, and the crowd erupted. Murphy stated that the crowd was “pretty loud for [him] too.”

“Going through NXT and being lost in the dark, so to speak, not really having a direction or seeing a light at the end of the tunnel,” Murphy added. “[Super Show-Down] was the light at the end of the tunnel, and [it] doesn’t get much better than that.”

Following his Cruiserweight Championship win, Murphy shared his thoughts on the emotional moment on Instagram.

A long, long road! When I was on the verge of closing a chapter, I seeked out the light! Taking 1 opportunity, creating a second… to 70,000 people standing up, cheering for a guy as he lived out his dream! To all those people who said I would be back in Australia after 3 months of leaving for the USA… who’s laughing now! It doesn’t end here! #205live will be seen by the world! And people will realize where the Best of the Best are located on a Wednesday night!

As a result of his win at Super Show-Down, Murphy is the first Australian wrestler to ever win a singles title in WWE history.

Source: Mirror Sport