Charlotte Flair On Younger WWE Superstars Possibly Taking Her Spot

SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke with The Mirror and talked about how competitive the WWE women's division is these days. Flair said the competitive environment keeps her motivated to ensure she stays on top.

"What I love about the new crop of women is that I look at them and I go 'wow, I need to up my game'. We continue to hire women who seem to already be polished and who have already made it outside of WWE, and whose whole goal was to get to WWE," Flair said. "That makes me think that I need to work that much harder because this crop of girls can take my spot. I am more excited to see what we have built now and what the women who are [coming through] have built for the future because I don't think it is going to stop at Evolution."

Flair also commented on how she's essentially now working the role of a relative veteran in the company, and whether that's a role she's actively taken on or encouraged..

"It's hard to say that I look at myself as a veteran or someone more experienced, because my career still is fairly new," Flair said. "I can't say that five years is a long time, especially when the women I came up with had experience all over the world before me. What I hope to represent for [younger wrestlers] is what it takes for someone to become a WWE superstar - and that's inside and out of the ring, because there's so much more - it's media, it's Make a Wish, it's signings and just being a role model outside of the ring."


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