Cody Rhodes has done incredibly well since leaving the WWE, winning numerous championships on the independents. Cody won the ROH World Championship last year, and is the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion and the IWGP United States Champion. Cody, along with The Young Bucks also put on a historic event last month, with All In becoming the first non-WCW or WWE promoted wrestling show in the United States to sell 10,000 tickets since 1993.

Considering the fact that The Elite is currently the hottest commodity in the wrestling industry, there have been rumors about the faction soon heading to the WWE. Tama Tonga’s recent tweet added more fuel to the fire, with Tama claiming that The Elite does not exist without the Bullet Club, and wished them success in the WWE.

Cody Rhodes also recently teased about Bullet Club Elite joining the WWE during the Legends of the Ring convention on the Grims Toy Show, when he mentioned in passing to Adam Page that they won’t be putting on a second All In event, as they were all heading to the WWE. Cody then said that he was only joking, as the speculation continues about the future of Bullet Club Elite.