– Conor McGregor was late to Thursday’s UFC 229 pre-fight press conference, but the former two-division champion didn’t understand why Khabib Nurmagomedov wasn’t still there. After arriving and saddling up alongside UFC president Dana White, McGregor ripped into the reigning UFC lightweight champion for leaving after roughly 15 minutes.

“I did not plan this,” McGregor said. “I tried to get here. I’m only a couple minutes late for (expletive) sake. He should have just stayed put, but whatever, that’s a sign. He doesn’t want to be around me. He doesn’t want to be around these people. He’s petrified and that’s it.”

McGregor had no problems answering questions and getting the Las Vegas crowd excited for Saturday’s event, which Wrestling Inc. will bring you live coverage of. Asked if the feud between the two rivals would be over once the fight is done, “Notorious” had this to say:

“(Expletive) peace,” he said. “There will never be peace here. I always said you should aim for peace, but if you can’t aim for peace, aim between the eyes. That’s it.”

– An agitated Khabib Nurmagomedov wasted no time stepping on the stage for Thursday’s UFC 229 pre-fight press conference. With challenger Conor McGregor nowhere to be found, the UFC lightweight champion told Dana White the event would start on time, and it did. After answering several questions, Nurmagomedov left the stage before McGregor arrived.

“I have to worry about myself,” the unbeaten Nurmagomedov said. “Why do I have to think about (McGregor)? If somebody leaves, it’s not my problem.”

Nurmagomedov was part of the melee in Brooklyn earlier this year that led to McGregor being arrested. He was in one of the vehicles that was attacked by McGregor and his entourage, days after Nurmagomedov’s team confronted Artem Lobov – a teammate of McGregor’s – in the fighter hotel.

“Honestly, this is more than just to defend my title,” he said. “For me, it’s more than just fight for the title, it’s personal. This is the biggest fight in UFC history. It’s going to break records. For me, it’s personal.”

Wrestling Inc. will also be bringing you a recap of the fighter weigh-ins that are scheduled for Friday.