Eli Drake Talks Working With Scott Steiner, Wanting To Regain Impact Wrestling World Championship

Impact Wrestling superstar Eli Drake had some fun earlier this year when he had the opportunity to work with the legendary Scott Steiner. Drake recently spoke to Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc. about his experience working with "Big Poppa Pump."

Drake and Steiner teamed together in April and became the Impact World Tag Team Champions. Drake said he relished the chance to work with Steiner because he was a fan of his when he was younger. He also said Steiner was very easy to work with and had no hesitation of performing his famed Frankensteiner from off the top rope.

"The second he gave me the old 'Too Sweet' that everybody made a huge deal about… that was really cool. To do side-by-sides of him doing it with Hogan and Hall and Nash and whatnot, and then there's me and him doing it, it was really cool, it was really special, it took me back to being back in high school again," Drake said. "And then the fact that he was very selfless to work with, because that first day when he came in for the pay-per-view, I was like, 'Scott, you got another Frankensteiner in you?' I was completely thinking he was just gonna be like, 'Haha, yeah right,' and he was like, 'Yeah, I think I can do that.' I was like, 'Oh, ok, cool,' and then he was like, 'Yeah, I'll do it off the top,' and I was like, 'Cool, we're in business!'"

Drake, who signed a new contract with Impact in June, also discussed his goals for the immediate future. The former Impact World Champion said he would like another shot at the title. He also discussed some of his endeavors outside the ring, saying that he's been investing in properties and dipping into the stock market so that wrestling isn't the only thing he has going on in his life.

"I got to get my hands on that world title again," he said. "Aside from that, I'm trying to buy investment properties right now, I'm actually seeking investment properties in Las Vegas and Savannah, Georgia and stuff like that, trying to branch out. Diversify your bonds, I'm in the stock market, I just cashed out my bitcoin, made a nice little profit there, actually doubled my money. So I'm just trying to get my hands in a lot of everything so that wrestling isn't my only thing. But of course this is the main baby right now, it's paying the bills and more than that, and that's how I'm able to buy investment properties, so I'm a happy boy."


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