Over 18 years after his shocking WCW Heavyweight Championship reign, David Arquette returned to the ring on the indie circuit. Arquette left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths in WCW as they felt he made a joke of the World Title, and he wanted to win the respect of wrestling fans by proving himself in the ring.

Arquette joined Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman for our first-ever WINCLY podcast where he discussed the reaction from Hollywood upon hearing of his wrestling return.

“Hollywood doesn’t get wrestling completely. I think The Rock, John Cena and Batista have done a great job of breaking into Hollywood which isn’t easy to do,” said Arquette. “But it just kills me that Ric Flair’s not on a CBS show or Stone Cold Steve Austin’s not on FX. Mick Foley’s not a regular on something, I mean those guys are tremendous talents and Hollywood doesn’t understand that if they were to cast them as the crazy, older brother or unconventional father, that they would get so many highs that they would never be able to get before.

“It’s just a short-sightedness within the business and it flips the other way too. When I do stuff in the wrestling world, its ‘what is this an Andy Kaufman moment?’ To me, it’s all part of entertainment, it’s all sports entertainment and it’s connecting with fans.”

Arquette has already wrestled a few matches including a tag match involving James Ellsworth. He revealed that he’s documenting his return to the ring and discussed how that came about.

“We’ll probably film to around January [2019],” said Arquette. “That’s my side of the business, I’m a filmmaker and actor? When I went to WrestleMania Weekend, I had my friend who was shooting and we started looking back at some of the video footage and were like, ‘you know what, if I were to do this then we should film it.’

“The first day we’re shooting we get into a bar-room scrap with the Nasty Boys. It was pretty amazing, they were great. Brian Knobbs is very cool, Jerry [Sags] was not as thrilled with us.”

Arquette first became involved with WCW while filming the movie Ready 2 Rumble which featured many WCW Superstars. With Arquette now back in the wrestling business, he said that his documentary will sort of be like a sequel to Ready 2 Rumble.

Ready 2 Rumble 2, man. That’s why I did the documentary, it’s sort of an unofficial Ready 2 Rumble 2,” stated Arquette.

You can listen to the first episode of the WINCLY podcast below, which includes the full interview with Arquette, a WWE Super Show-Down preview with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, a clip from this week’s Impact Wrestling media call with Eddie Edwards and Moose, an in-depth interview with current Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Brian Cage and a look back at what was learned from All In with Barrasso. You can subscribe to our audio channel on iTunes. Please rate us and leave a comment.