Impact Bound For Glory Results: Austin Aries Vs. Johnny Impact, Blanchard Vs. Valkyrie

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- Opening video for the PPV with Santana and Ortiz, we see clips hyping each of tonight's matches.

- Don Callis and Josh Mathews are commentating tonight's action as we get right to our first match.

Matt Sydal and Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Crowd with a "Return of The Mack!" before things get started. Swann with an enziguri that flattens Sydal, Sydal tries to talk some trash and Swann just tags in Mack. Mack showing of his agility right of the get as he dodges Sydal, landing a big shoulder tackle. Swann back in and Page gets tagged in to a chorus of boos. Swann lands a dropkick, hits a hurricanrana, cover, one-count. Page flips Swann inside out, tags Sydal back in, Sydal off the top and stomps Swann's arm.

Page yanks Swann off the top rope, taunts a bit, then goes for a delayed pin, two. Sydal back in. Wrestlers end up on the floor, where there's very little room between the crowd and the apron. Mack takes out his opponents, back in the ring is Sydal and Swann. Swann tries to fight his way back to Mack, but Sydal with a hard side slam, Page tagged in, drops down on Swann with an elbow drop, pin, two.

Swann flips out of two suplexes, tags in Mack, two clotheslines and lands two corner clotheslines, cannonball on Sydal, and finishes with an exploder suplex on Page. Mack gets kicked in the face, samoan drop by Mack, kip-up, standing moonsault, cover, two. Swann in there, drops Page, goes for another cover, two. Sits Page up on the top turnbuckle, Page fights off Mack, Swann up to the top rope, Page basically body slams Swann off the top rope, hits a swanton bomb, cover two!

Mack drop Page, Sydal with a jumping knee to Mack, up to the top rope with Swann, but gets shoved off. Sydal with a standing hurricanrana, but Swann ends up flipping into Page and giving him a hurricanrana. All four wrestlers are down. All four up and swinging on each other, Page mistakenly kicks Sydal, Mack with a stunner on Page. Sydal swinging neckbreaker on Mack. Swann with a spinning kick, handspring cutter, heads to the second rope, phoenix splash lands, 1-2-3.

Winners: Rich Swann and Willie Mack via Pinfall

- Willie Mack gets on the mic and checks in with the crowd. Two front row seats are open, Mack gets two of the loudest fans to move up to the front thanks to the PPV's sponsor.

- Mathews and Callis recap Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie on TMZ talking about Austin Aries. We then see Aries and Impact nearly coming to blows at the end of Abyss' Hall of Fame induction. Callis and Mathews talks about the situation and then suddenly throw it backstage.

- Konnan has a metal dolly and some weight equipment on him! He says King attacked him and he looks to be out of tonight's match. Konnan tells Ortiz and Sanatana to go out and handle their business against the OGs.

- Eli Drake heads out to the ring, he's got an open challenge to any New Yorker. Drake grabs the mic and says he rolls into NYC and wants to see what the best NY can offer him. He has looked around though and hasn't seen anyone. Drake says he does see some players from the New York Giants, but he can't believe it's any of them. Drake makes fun of the Giants' 1-5 record. Ellsworth comes out! Drake says he's from Maryland, not New York. Ellsworth says he did date a girl from Staten Island. Despite being the face, the crowd mainly booed Ellsworth. "F— you, Ellsworth!" chant from the crowd.

Eli Drake vs. James Ellsworth

Ellsworth didn't have much a a shot in this one. Drake with a big powerbomb, Ellsworth does get in a big punch, Drake with gravy train, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall

- Drake gets on the mic and said he want something more than that, he wanted hall of fame material! Out comes Abyss! The two end up brawling in the ring, Abyss goes out and grabs a table, sets it up in the ring, nearly puts Drake through it. Drake fights back, looks to drop down on the table through Abyss, but Abyss grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him through the table.

- Earlier today, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard about tonight's match and if Blanchard is confident about her chances. The champ is almost insulted by that question. She says Taya calls herself Lucha Royalty, but Blanchard is the real royalty, diamonds are forever and the title isn't going anywhere.

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Back and forth action early on with Valkyrie landing a big knee to the face. Blanchard charges back with a clothesline in the corner. Valkyrie with a spear in the middle of the ring and Blanchard heads out to the floor. Both end up on the apron, Blanchard with a neckbreaker, tosses Valkyrie back into the ring. Blanchard runs right into a big boot and hits a codebreaker, cover, two.

Blanchard looks for a DDT, nope, couple reversals, release german suplex by Valkyrie. Blanchard comes up empty in the corner, Valkyrie with a hip attack, double knees in the corner. Valkyrie with a suplex off the second rope, holds on with a body scissors choke, but Blanchard literally stands up with Valkyrie and jams her into the corner, followed up by a suplex.

Back and forth attacks in the middle of the ring, Valkyrie yelling at the champion, Blanchard swings back with multiple forearms, buzzsaw DDT, nope. Valkyrie with a TKO, cover, two. Crowd really into this match. Road to Valhalla, nope, Blanchard hammers Valkyrie from behind, cover, two. Blanchard goes up to the top rope, leaps, gets caught, Valkyrie with a strange chokeslam, heads to the top rope, big moonsault, cover two. Valkyrie locks in an armbar, curb stomp, and stretches out Blanchard, but the champion gets to the bottom rope.

Blanchard grabs the apron, gets yanked in, road to valhalla, referee was fixing the apron and didn't get to the pin quick enough, two-count. Valkyrie looks for another one, Blanchard stomps the foot, avoids a charging Valkyrie who flies into the ring post. Buzzsaw DDT lands, cover, and she kicks out! Crowd thought that was it. Blanchard heads up to the top rope, looks for a tornado DDT, nope, but does hit a hurricanrana sending Valkyrie into the second turnbuckle. Blanchard heads to the top rope, hits a flying codebreak! Cover, 1-2-3. What a match!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall

- Earlier today, Moose talks with McKenzie about tonight's match against Eddie Edwards, he says tonight will be the final nail in the coffin and he plans on ending Eddie. Moose with the quite the outfit choice for tonight's PPV.

Moose vs. Eddie Edwards

Accompanied by three women, Moose (in a very silver jacket) heads to the ring. Edwards rolls out to the ring with a kendo stick, momentarily chasing Moose out of the ring. Edwards nails the boston knee party early on, but doesn't go for the cover. He instead goes for his kendo stick and Killer Kross attacks from the crowd. Referee calls the match.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via DQ

Kross tosses Edwards in the ring and Moose continues to hammer away on him. Moos with a weak pump kick on Edwards and out comes Tommy Dream with a kendo stick. He smacks both Kross and Moose out of the ring, grabs a mic and tells the two guys they don't know where they are. Dreamer says the crowd isn't going stand for a finish like that and calls for the bell to be rung!

Tommy Dream and Eddie Edwards vs. Moose and Kiler Kross (No DQ Tornado Tag Match)

No rules were really announced, but let's go with madness! Both teams brawl out on the floor. Dream spits water in both Moose and Kross' face. Edwards then asks for Dream to drink some water and spit it on him, which he then spits on Moose, ew. Back in the ring is Moose and Dreamer, Moose with a shoulder tackle, running senton, no. Kross heads into the ring and stomps on Dreamer. Edwards follows him, but gets a suplex for his troubles.

Everyone is brawling all over the place, Edwards gets knocked off the top rope down to the exposed floor. Kross chokes Dreamer with his tie and tosses him across the ring. Moose ends up jawing with one of the New York Giants and gets shoved down to the floor. Edwards then hits an overhead release suplex on Moose. Back in the ring, Edwards with an atomic drop on Kross, couple chops to the chest.

Top rope hurricanrana by Edwards on Kross, another chop, cover, Moose breaks it up. Edwards and Moose go at it in the ring, back and forth strikes, Edwards hit a blue thunder bomb. Dreamer and Kross now in the ring, Dreamer hits a cutter on Kross. Edwards tosses Dreamer a kendo stick, but side suplex on Dreamer. Moose with a powerbomb on Edwards. Moose tries to take Edwards' head off with the kendo stick, Edwards with a roll-up, 1-2-3.

Winner: Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer via Pinfall

- Post-match, Kross chokes Edwards and Moose hits a spear. They take him out and hit double powerbomb on the edge of the apron.

- Backstage, oVe hype tonight's match against Pentagon Jr, Brian Cage, and Fenix. Callihan says they plan on putting Ohio as the capital of wrestling.

Dave Crist, Jake Crist, and Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr., Fenix, and Brian Cage (oVe Rules)

Both teams square off and battle, Callihan and Pentagon with back and forth chops. Double slingblades, Dave lands a lung blower on Pentagon. Cage with a release suplex, sending Dave rolling out of the ring. Cage tries to do the same, but Jake lands on his feet, flips up to the top rope, Cage catches him, Jake flips out and sends Cage into the ring post. Fenix with a back handspring into a headbutt, Fenix ends up on the apron, kick to the head, dances on the rope and hits a smooth looking cutter.

Fenix with a handspring off the rope, Callihan catches and lands a suplex. Fenix out on the floor, Callihan with a kick to Fenix, tries it on Cage, doesn't do any damage. Jumps on Cage, gets caught and powerbomb into the apron. Jake leaps and Cage catches him in the vertical suplex position, nearly losing him into the crowd. Fenix with a cannonball out to Callihan and Jake. Back in the ring Cage picks up Jake and sends Jake up and over to the floor on the other wrestlers. Cage with a deadlift superplex on Callihan, bringing him into the ring. Dave breaks it up though.

Pentagon gets Jake into the tree of woe position and gets double stomped. Cage with a powerbomb on Dave, looks for the drill claw, Callihan with a pump kick. Callihan sends him to the outside, Fenix runs down the ramp, leaps over the top rope and hits a cutter, cover, two! Crowd liked that spot. Jake with a pair of kicks that sends Fenix out to the floor. Pentagon driver on Jake, Dave breaks it up, everyone is getting taken down now. Cage powerbombs Callihan into the corner, spiked fear factor by Pentagon/Fenix, cover, Jake and Dave break it up.

Cage lifts up the brothers and hits a fallaway slam. oVe try to triple team Cage, but Pentagon and Fenix make the save. Pentagon with a codebreaker on Dave, Fenix heads to the top rope, goes to stand on Pentagon's shoulders. Jake looks for a leaping cutter, but they botched that moved with Fenix actually landing down on Jake. Pentagon and Callihan on the apron, Callihan with a piledriver. Cage starts up a Terminator clap as he gets into the ring with all three oVe guys, takes down all three. Jake with a number of kicks to Cage, Dave lifts up the big man, all-seeing eye hits on Cage, cover, kicks out at one! Triple kicks to Cage, and again! He just yells at them. They kick him at least ten times, maybe more. Piledriver by Callihan, cover, 1-2-3. That is Cage's first loss in Impact.

Winners: oVe via Pinfall

- Backstage, McKenzie talks with Impact World Champion Austin Aries about tonight's match against Johnny Impact. Aries just stares angrily at the camera for a moment, and says when he first came to Impact the promotion was on life support. Aries says he's busted his ass to built the title back up and feels like he's done a pretty good job. Aries says Impact just waltzes back in (when his schedule allows for it) and suddenly the title is the most important thing in the world to him. Aries thinks Impact is a liar. Aries says he'll bring his guys to the ring and wants Impact to bring Taya ringside, as well. "This isn't a reality show. This isn't some s—ty 'B' movie. This is my life."

- Backstage, The OGz jokingly give a tribute to Konnan, who they took out earlier tonight. King says tonight they are going to show Otiz and Santana what it means to come up the hard way. King says this is their town, not LAX's town.

LAX (Santana and Ortiz) vs. The OGz (King, Hernandez, Homicide) (Concrete Jungle Match)

The canvas/pads have been rooms to just show the wood boards in the ring. Turnbuckle pads have also been removed. LAX comes out with a group and a (sort of) live performance. One board was already sticking up from the performance, they're moving around, opening holes in the ring! A member of LAX already almost fell through. King plants Santana on the boards, ouch! Ref Riley is trying to fix the boards as he can. This is so dangerous, lol. Ortiz nailing everyone with a garbage can lid. Hernendez busted open early on, didn't see what happened. OGz bring in two tables and set them up in the corners.

King with a suicide dive out to the floor, taking out Santana. Hernandez with a border toss of his own partner out to Santana and Ortiz. Back in the ring, Ortiz with a release northern lights suplex. Ortiz with chops on Hernandez, tries to charge him and Hernadez just pounces him into one of the tables. Santana in the ring, kick to Hernandez's head who goes out to the ring. Santana with a flip over the top rope, thankfully the boards don't act weird as he leaps out.

King gets launched into the exposed turnbuckle by Santana, cover, two. Santana and Ortiz go to work on Hernandez in the corner. Hernandez sitting on the top rope, LAX leap up and hit a double superplex that damn near splits the wood! This is wild, have I said this is dangerous? This is dangerous. LAX's music hits and out comes Konnan with a blackjack, he smacks Hernandez and Homicide with it. Konnan swings away on King and sends him into the corner. Santana with a kick to the back of the head and Konnan launches King into the other table sitting in the corner. LAX nails street sweeper on King, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: LAX (Konnan, Ortiz, and Sanatana) via Pinfall

- Allie agree to make a deal with James Mitchell to be sent to Su Yung's undead realm to find Kiera Hogan. Allie ends up going into a coffin and then bumping into Mitchell, he reminds her that if she sees her soul, it stays with him, so no touching. Allie (with an small ax) heads through a creepy building. She hears a noise and looks around, an undead bride shows up and starts choking her. Allie smacks her with the butt end of the ax and then with the ax itself. Allie bumps into another bride and jacks her up with ax to, blood splatters all over the place.

She ends up finding her soul, but ends up moving on from it. She finds a coffin where Kiera Hogan is at. From behind is Su Yung with a big ax of her own. Yung welcomes Allie and takes a swing, Allie blocks it, then dodges another couple swings. Yung finally drops Allie, chokes her, and takes the mini ax. Yung goes for a swing as Allie block it, but Yung locks in the mandible claw on her. Allie looks to be fading, Yung pulls out a knife and Allie suddenly wakes up and whacks Yung in the neck with the mini ax.

Allie wakes Hogan up and gets her out of the coffin. Hogan is out of it as Allie leads her back to the exit. They can't get the coffin open though and Mitchell shows up. He laughs and says he promised to let Allie in, but didn't say anything about letting her out. Yung and the brides show up again and close in, but Rosemary shows up and fights them off. "Hi, Bunny. You shouldn't be here." Rosemary helps them open the coffin, but Yung shows up again. Rosemary fights her off in a cosmic battle! Hogan and Allie get in the coffin and are able to make it back. Allie wants to go back, Hogan say no, but Allie yells at her and doesn't look to be 100% alright have selling her soul.

Austin Aries (c) (with Moose and Killer Kross) vs. Johnny Impact (with Taya Valkyrie) (Impact World Championship)

Aries looks for last chancery early on, both are on the aggressive side to get things going. Bit of feeling out process as we get started. Crowd is fairly split for both guys, "205" chant breaks out. Impact lands a number of punches, sending Aries into the corner. They fight to the floor, Aries charges Impact who jumps up and does a split-legged moonsault by using the apron edge and the barricade! Aries gets up on the top rope and crashes down on Impact. Lands a massive chop to the chest, sending him back into the ring.

Aries with a kick to the back of Impact's neck, he gets up and slaps Aries in the face. Aries with a bunch of knees and punches to the face. Aries lands a kick to the side. Aries stands on Impact's face and taunts Valkyrie a bit, she yells "F– you, b—-!" Aries hops up on the turnbuckle and stretches out for a minute. Back and forth shots as Impact sends the champion into the corner. Impact gets kicked again to the back of the neck, sending him to the floor. Aries looks for a suicide dive and catches an elbow. Impact with a springboard corkscrew splash, cover, two. Very intense match from both of these guys, working very snug.

Aries with a hurricanrana off the second rope, Aries gets booted in the face, starship pain attempt, lands on his feet though. Both wrestlers end up on the top rope spanish fly, cover, Aries just barely kicks out. Impact goes for countdown to impact, rolls through, knee to Aries' face. Both on the apron, both throwing forearms and punches. Impact with a kick to the face, but Aries hits a sloppy death valley driver. Impact thrown back in, Aries up top, 450 splash, cover, 1-2-no. Aries showing some frustration.

Aries gets dropped, Impact hits starship pain, cover, Aries is able to grab the bottom rope to stop the count. He continues holding on long after Impact gets off him. Roaring elbow, running dropkick, brainbuster by Aries! Pin, 1-2-3, Impact gets his foot on the bottom rope. Aries and Taya talk some trash at each other, Aries with knees to the head, last chancery is locked in. Impact gets out of it, Aries looks to take out Impact, Impact dodges, and Aries lands a suicide dive on Taya, sending her into the barricade! Impact wails on Aries out on the floor. Back in the ring, Impact with a kick to the throat, brainbuster, starship pain hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall

- Post-match, Aries was all kinds of mad, he immediately got up looked like he yelled at someone up above (possibly at commentary?), said something to Impact, flipped the bird to the crowd, and went to the back. Impact celebrates in the ring with Taya.