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– We look back to last week’s match between Tessa Blanchard and Faby Apache. Taya Valkyrie challenged Blanchard to a title match at Bound for Glory. We also see what went down between oVe and Brian Cage, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr. Plus, more hype for Impact World Champion Austin Aries taking on Johnny Impact at the upcoming PPV.

Rich Swann vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal looks for a handshake before things get started, Swann isn’t so sure about this, but ends up doing so. Sydal points to Swann’s “third eye” and gets shoved away. Sydal out to the floor, Swann with a dive off the apron to take out Sydal. Swann slams his head on the apron, Sydal heads into the ring. Back in the ring, Swann with a sloppy snap mare, but follows up with a kick to the head.

Swann advances and finds a boot to the face, he crumples out to the floor. Sydal with a big chop, Swann returns fight with some punches, and Sydal climbs under the ring. Swann processes the move, looks under the apron and gets pops in the face. Sydal points to his “third eye” as the Ref Riley asks him what happened. Back in the ring, Swann thrown in to the corner, Sydal charges, boot to the face, Sylal plants Swann to the mat. Sydal is really trying to enlighten Swann, but ends up getting popped in the face, kicked in the midsection, hurricanrana, boot to the head, cover, two-count.

Swan with a handspring cutter, pin, two-count. Crowd sort of into this match. Swann heads to the top rope, but is too slow as Sydal crotches him on top. Sydal heads up, gets pushed off, standing hurricanrana, but Swann lands on his feet! Sydal with a kick to the face, sits Sydal up top, hurricanrana attempt and he counters with a powerbomb! Cover, 1-2-no! Swann recovers, drops Sydal, moves up to the top rope really slowly. A fan (?) shows up and ends up powerbombing Swann down to the mat. Oh, it’s Ethan Page. Sydal ends up stealing the victory.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall

– Scary cam, Dave Crist is all freaked out that Fenix and Pentagon Jr. have magical powers from their previous attack on the oVe member. Sami Callihan and Jake try to calm him down as Dave yells like a wacko. Callihan says in Fenix/Pentagon’s home territory they plan on calling the duo out.

– Backstage, Eddie Edwards thinks his wife is calling him, but it’s actually Moose. Moose tells Edwards to meet him someplace and Edwards heads off.

– Scarlett Bordeaux heads to commentary and Don Callis loses his mind to help her up to the table. He ends up sitting her in Josh’s chair! She says this is what makes Callis a 10 and Josh a 5. Callis spills his water. Scarlett says she’s out here to do some scouting.

– Eli Drake heads to the ring and gets on the mic. Drake says it’s open challenge season and is looking for one of the “tecnicos” to come out and get destroyed. Drake throwing in some Spanish throughout his promo, says other luchadors can’t “lucha like I lucha.” Out comes La Parka! He cuts a quick promo in Spanish against Drake and the two get ready for a match.

Eli Drake vs. La Parka

Parka gets right after Drake and gets him in the corner. Josh talking with Scarlett on commentary about how she got Fallah Bahh and championship title match and how close he came to winning. Big chops by Parka. Scarlett seems to dig Drake as he goes out for a chair to take out Parka. Drake gets dropped, Parka grabs the chair, but Drake bails out to the floor. Don flirting with Scarlett, trying to get rid of Josh on commentary. Drake ends up just walking to the back and gets counted out.

Winner: La Parka via Count-Out

– Backstage, LAX is hanging out and the OGz suddenly show up. Konnan tries to keep the peace for a moment. OGz take the titles and the flag, Konnan tries to talk some sense into King, King ends up taking the the tequila that’s on the table. King spits it on Konnan, Homicide and Hernandez spill the drink on their titles and continue taunting the group. Konnan doesn’t allow Ortiz and Santana go after the OGz as they head out.

– Backstage, Matt Sydal hypes up Ethan Page. Page tells Swann he had a chance to follow the enlightened Sydal, but he’ll be the one to do it instead. Sydal says Page and him are a tag team. Sydal tells Swann to bring any partner he wants at Bound for Glory.

Murder Clown (with Katarina) vs. Joe Hendry (Grado)

Joe Hendry ends up showing off his latest song about Murder Clown where he played both the parts of Murder Clown and Katarina. Hendry is dressed up in a clown mask as he charges the screen with a saw. Clown gets after Hendry right off the bat, drops him in the middle of the ring, puts him in the tree of woe and hits the slowest low dropkick in the history of low dropkicks. Clown with a kick to the face, body slam, running splash misses. Hendry with a fall away slam. Clown recovers, heads up to the top rope, hits a big splash, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Murder Clown via Pinfall

– Post-match, Clown puts Hendry on a table in the ring, climbs back to the top, hits another splash through the table.

– Random location in Mexico City, Eddie Edwards walks into a building to find Moose and Alisha Edwards. She yells, but Moose tells him to drop the weapon and have a seat on the other side of a very long table. Close-up views of both Moose and Edwards (super intense!). Edwards wants Moose to let Alisha go, but Moose passes on that. Edwards tries to talk some sense into Moose about teaming up with Killer Kross and Austin Aries. He says they aren’t his friends, but Moose doesn’t like that. He reminds Edwards about when he was going through some stuff with Sami and Tommy, who was there for him? Edwards says Moose should just beat him up and let Alisha go. Alisha ends up throwing water in Moose’s face and Edwards strikes, allowing her to get to the other side of the room and yell “Eddie!” over and over. Killer Kross shows up and tries to choke him out, Edwards digs his eyes, Alisha throws him his kendo stick, he wacks both guys and bails. Edwards and Alisha run out of the building, Edwards stops (?!) and calls Johnny Impact to let him know Austin Aries is currently by himself and Impact should get him. Impact agrees and heads off.

– Backstage, Impact is searching the building for Aries. He doesn’t have much luck at first, asking multiple people where Aries is at. He thinks McKenzie is interviewing Aries and interrupts what they’re done. It’s just some random person, Impact welcomes McKenzie back and heads off to look for some more.

– Impact heads down to the ring. He just decides to call out Aries, who finally decides to come out. Aries out to the stage with a sling around his arm. The champ takes a mic a cautiously gets in the ring. Aries says he’s suffered some injuries as a result of Impact smacking him in the head with his own title. Aries say he’s concussion, has nerve damage in his arm, he twisted his ankle…and has a bad back. Impact says not to worry, he wants to get Aries at Bound for Glory. Impact says he’s not about finding “goons” to help them out, Impact says the title should be about Aries vs. Impact. Impact then wonders if Aries will come out at Bound for Glory by himself just like he did tonight.

Aries says Impact has his word Killer Kross and Moose won’t come out to the ring during that match because he doesn’t need anyone to beat him. Aries cracks a joke about Impact having a whole lot of names, “You have been putting a lot of eggs into 15 Easter baskets, and you haven’t filled one of them yet.” Aries says he’s the mastermind of pro wrestling while Impact just a jack of all trades, but not a master of anything. Impact is getting a little heated and asks if he’s tone. Aries says’s he’s not! Aries says Impact “looks” like he should be the champion, but he’s a really good “pretend pro wrestler.” Aries then lays out what’s going to happen at the PPV, Impact is going to have all the flash, but no substance, and Aries is going to retain that title.

Aries says Moose ended up joining him after he realized he couldn’t beat Aries, so much Impact should do the same. Impact finally gets on the mic and says so he could either beat Aries, or go with the second option of working with Aries. Impact says he’d rather get stretchered out than follow Aries. So, Aries says if that’s the case there’s only one thing to do…and smacks Impact in the face with the microphone. He tosses the sling (the arm is fine!) and tries to hit Impact with the title. He misses, Impact with a kick, hits starship pain, and Aries rolls to the floor. Impact holds up the title.

– Backstage, Brian Cage says he’s coming out to the ring to take out oVe at the end of the night. He’s going to first go after the Crist Brothers and then will take out Callihan.

– Backstage, Desi Hit Squad argue about their recent loss and how they have to go back to the line. In rolls Gama Singh who smacks them and yells next week they are going to face each to find out who is the weak link.

– Dressing room, Scarlett talks with Jack Evans who shows her his moves (a backflip). She bumps into Puma King and finds his outfit “kinky.” She then talks with Trevor Lee and Petey Williams who tells Lee to get up. Williams gives her a pitch about why she should give him all of her attention. Williams shows her the secret to the canadian destroy. Williams says for her to give him the move he has to put his head between her legs. Lee can’t believe that Williams is just trying to hit on her. Williams just says it’s his time! She then says maybe they should take it out to the ring and they agree.

– Scary cam, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. talk with oVe. Fenix can’t believe oVe wants to call them out in Mexico. Pentagon says they are not in Ohio and they will see why Fenix and Pentagon Jr. are the best tag team in the world.

Kiera Hogan (with Allie) vs. Su Yung

Hogan with a hot start, with multiple strikes in the corner, finishes with a kick, cover, two. Hogan with a chop, but gets whipped into the corner, kick to Yung’s face. Hogan up to the top, but gets sent down to the mat, cover, two. Yung with a bunch of wild palm strikes, throws Hogan across the ring, and throws a kick at Allie. Yung tosses Hogan across the ring by her hair.

Yung bails to the floor, Hogan with a suicide dive between the bottom and middle rope. Allie has been firing up Hogan throughout the match. Hogan tosses Yung back in the ring, cover, two. Hogan looks for a DDT, Yung looks for a panic switch, nope, Hogan with a sit-down powerbomb, two-count. Hogan heads up to the top rope, one of the undead brides mate slows her down, Allie knocks her away, but Yung smacks Allie down to the floor. Yung with a panic switch on Hogan, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Su Yung via Pinfall

– Post-match, more bridesmaids bring out a coffin. Allie gets back in the ring and hammers away on Yung, but Allie is held back for a moment by a bridesmaid. Yung pulls out that nasty glove, Allie fights back, Yung finally locks in the mandible claw. Allie looks like she’s going into the coffin, but Hogan jumps in to save her, Yung tosses Hogan into the coffin as Allie yells out for her friend, not another one.

– Backstage, Allie is have a “slight” breakdown about Kiera getting tossed into the coffin. Allie says she knows what she has to do.

– Hype video for the match between Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie at Bound for Glory.

– oVe heads out to the ring, Sami Callihan on the mic, tells the crowd to shut up. Reminds everybody that at Bound for Glory it will be oVe Rules against Brian Cage, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr. Callihan says they don’t want to wait, they want to do it right now as we go to break.

Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix vs. oVe (Sami Callihan, Dave and Jake Crist)

Both teams start swinging on each other right off the bat. The Crist brothers are dumped out to the floor. Cage with a second rope moonsault, Fenix with a splash, cover, two. Fenix and Callihan get things goin in the ring. Fenix looks to dance on the rope, Dave Crist slows him down, Callihan yanks Fenix over the top rope. Callihan hammers away on Fenix and then looks to rip his mask a bit.

oVe get in the ring and triple boot Cage off the apron to the floor. The trio look to hit the all seeing eye on Fenix, but he fights off the group, and tags in Cage. The big man lands a few clotheslines. Callihan with a kick, that does nothing. Cage with a pop-up powerbomb on Callihan. Kick to Callihan, puts him on Jake’s shoulders and then suplexes both of them. Callihan then tosses the referee in front of him and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners: Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr., and Fenix via DQ

– Post-match, Pentagon hits a lungblower on Dave, Fenix flattens Dave, Jake with a spinning power slam into the corner. Cage gets a couple kicks to the face, hits a jumping knee on Jake. Cage with a dead-lift superplex that takes out literally everyone out on the floor! Callihan is back up on his feet as he swings away on Cage. Fenix with a corkscrew plancha on the group. Everybody is down now, but that doesn’t last long. The brawl continues out on the floor between both sides. The show literally ends with people still swinging on each other.

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