While in New York City earlier in the week, John Cena appeared on SiriusXM’s The Today Show Radio with Hoda Kotb to answer some WWE questions from a group of kids. During the conversation, Cena was asked if he’ll be at WrestleMania 35, and Cena made it pretty clear he wouldn’t be missing the event, despite his growing list of outside projects.

“Where is WrestleMania 35?” Cena asked. “New York. I’m here right now, aren’t I? Would you like to ‘see me’ at WrestleMania 35? Then you know what, I was thinking about missing it, but because you wanna see me there, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I promise you I’ll be there, I promise. Okay? We’ll shake on it, we’ll make it official.”

Cena would shake hands with the kid to make it official and also answered some other questions, including who his toughest match was against.

“Do you know a WWE Superstar by the name of Brock Lesnar?” Cena responded. “Okay, if you know Brock Lesnar, he is big, he is bad, and he is mean. He was easily my toughest match. Now I’ve had some moments where I’ve done okay against him, and I’ve had some moments where I have not done okay against him. And the greatest thing about having a match with Brock Lesnar is you’re always nervous and you’re always afraid because he’s stronger than everybody, but you’re still brave enough to go in there and do it, and win or lose, you try your best.”

He was also asked if he ever faced Nikki Bella (or “versed Nikki Bella”) in the ring.

“I’ve never ‘versed’ Nikki Bella, but I have had her as a tag team partner. And I’m proud to say we are undefeated.”

You can see Cena’s full comments in the video above.

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