Johnny Impact Reveals The One Name He Would Use For Himself And Why He Can't Use It

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie were the guests on this week's episode of Women's Wrestling Weekly. You can watch the episode in the video above or download the podcast version on iTunes. They sent us these highlights:

Johnny Impact on the name he really wants to go by:

Johnny: "If I had to pick one name, it would Johnny Blaze. Johnny Blaze is the first name I wanted to be at the very beginning of my wrestling career. I was Johnny Blaze for one episode of RAW before we got a cease and desist from Method Man and also from Marvel.

Who gave him the name Johnny Impact:

Taya: "John was given the name Johnny Impact and Moose gave him the name."

Their Lucha Underground Wedding:

Johnny: "If any one person had the most input on the wedding it was Taya. She was the main person in both weddings. The bride gets what the bride wants."

Taya: "I had totally two different weddings. When the writers came to me with the idea, they really wanted my opinion. 'What do you, Taya in the Lucha Underground world and Johnny have as a wedding?' And I was like, 'I just can't be in a white dress, I can't just be all pretty and all this kind of stuff and I was like.... I really see it as my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.' I went online and found all these photos from these bridal parties from that reality show and sent them to our producers and writers and they were like, 'what is this?' I was like, 'I swear please trust me.' They completely trust me on the vision of lime green."

Johnny: "They thought she was joking when she said green. They were like, 'what color do you really want the dress?'"


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