Kurt Angle did another fan Q&A on Facebook where he discussed wrestling Vince McMahon, his “It’s true! It’s true!” catchphrase, breaking his neck, Lita / Trish Stratus, and what it was like wearing the conquistador outfit on this week’s Raw.

Craziest Vince McMahon story:

“When he and I wrestled on a plane during an international flight. I didn’t want to do it, but Vince was in a crazy mood. So we’d wrestle for a while and stop. Then Vince would attack me again. Then he’d stop. Over and over. I just wanted to sleep. The flight attendant told us to stop, but Vince wanted to wrestle, so we wrestled for four hours. Lol.”

How he broke his neck:

“I broke my neck when I was thrown on top of my head during a match. It broke four vertebrae. Another time, I broke my neck when I was hit very hard on top of my head with a chair. Brock Lesnar ‘brought it’ pretty hard that night. I don’t wish that on anyone.”

Origin of the “It’s true! It’s true!” catchphrase:

“I came up with ‘It’s true! It’s true!’ when I started in the business and I would make fun of the city that was hosting our WWE Show. I would say something bad about their sports teams. It was always negative but it was also true because the teams would be struggling at that time. So when the crowd would respond to me with ‘Booooos.’ I’d say “But it’s true. It’s true.”

Lita and Trish Stratus returning at WWE Evolution:

“Lita and Trish made an everlasting impression on women’s wrestling. They were incredible talents that knew how to ‘wrestle’ when women were considered ‘Divas’ and not Superstars. Today the women have stepped it up. But if it weren’t for Trish and Lita, the women’s division may have never evolved.”

Wearing the conquistador outfit on this past week’s Raw:

“It sucked. I felt like I was squeezed into a big condom…lol, but it was fun.”