Lucha Underground Recap (10/3): Marty The Moth Returns, Championship Match, Killshot In Action

Recap of the tension built between Killshot and Son of Havoc over the last few weeks. There's a new force in the Temple run by the White Rabbit of the Rabbit tribe. Clips of Fenix's dissension into a crazed animal, and Melissa Santos' attempts to revive him back into his old self.

Show opens with Aerostar and Melissa Santos having a conversation by the ocean about Fenix. She asked what's happened to him. Aerostar explains that Catrina changed him, and now something evil remains. Melissa says she can save him, but Aerostar says that he's already gone.

In the Temple Vampiro and Matt Striker welcome us to the show. They inform us that Marty the Moth, the new LU champion, is back in the house tonight to address his Ultima Lucha Cuatro opponent: the former champion Pentagon Dark.

Our first matchup of the evening. Ivelisse, XO Lishus and Joey Ryan against the Rabbit Tribe.

The Rabbit Tribe versus Ivelisse, XO Lishus, and Joey Ryan

Paul London and Ivelisse start out. Ivelisse gets the better of London with a series of arm-drags. London tags in El Bunny. Ivelisse tags in XO Lishus.

Bunny gets the better of Lishus with his quickness, and lands an elevated bronco buster. London comes back in to work Lishus over with kicks but Lishus counters with a sunset flip! Cover but only two. Lishus tags in Ivelisse.

Ivelisse runs wild on London and Bunny. She hits a double-german suplex onto both of them. The White Rabbit has yet to be tagged in. Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and Lishus triple-team London.

Eventually White Rabbit comes in standing across Joey Ryan. Joey hits two superkicks but they have no effect on the Rabbit. Big back drop from the Rabbit. He takes out a white glove and puts it on Mandible Claw with the gloved hand onto Ryan and he passes out.

The Rabbit Tribe win due to referee stoppage.

The White Rabbit pulls his hand out of Ryan's mouth, and it is covered in blood.

Striker tells us that Son of Havoc will be taking on Killshot...and it's next.

Back from break Vampiro and Striker hype up Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Matches announced: The Mack against Mil Muertes in a deathmatch, El Dragon Azteca Jr versus Fenix in a 2-out-of-3 falls, and the LU championship rematch between Marty the Moth and Pentagon Dark.

Melissa Santos introduces Killshot. Son of Havoc is out next.

Son of Havoc versus Killshot

Killshot explodes out of the corner and attempts to take rip off Son of Havoc's mask. Havoc lands a strike sending Killshot to the outside. Killshot catches Havoc in a firemans carry position, and tosses him right into the guardrail. He throws Havoc back in the ring and once again tries to rip off his mask. Big arm stomp and Killshot is in full control.

Big chops from Killshot. Havoc answers back with some hard forearms. Killshot ends up on the outside again and this time Havoc makes him pay with a suicide dive. Back int the ring Havoc hits a top rope double-stomp followed by a standing moonsault. Cover but only a two count. Crowd begins a dueling chant.

Havoc picks up Killshot but Killshot grabs at the mask yet again. Jumping cutter from Havoc. He climbs the top rope but Killshot gets to his feet quickly. He throws Havoc into the turnbuckle, hits a running double-knee, and finishes with a double-underhook powerbomb. Close two count.

Havoc begins a comeback with a jumping front kick but Killshot cuts him off with a jumping knee. Havoc attempts a victory roll but Killshot transitions into an armber. Havoc escapes and rolls Killshot up! That's it!

Son of Havoc wins by pinfall.

Killshot immediately attacks Son of Havoc after the bell. He wraps his signature dog tags around his hand and uses them to bash Son of Havoc's head in. He angrily unlaces Havoc's mask, and pulls it off.

Antonio Cueto comes out. He says that the masks the warriors in the temple wear are important because it protects their identity, but at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, one of these two men will no longer wear that protection. It'll be Killshot versus Son of Havoc in a mask versus mask match!

LU champion Marty the Moth Martinez will address the Temple next.

Marty comes out with the mystery woman (Chelsea Green) who helped him defeat Pentagon a couple weeks ago. He grabs the microphone and announces himself as the new LU champion. Crowd chants for Pentagon loudly.

Marty says that his journey began three years ago when Sexy Star embarrassed his family. So he sent the mystery woman, whom he calls Reclusa, to attack Sexy Star outside of her home. (That explains why she hasn't been seen in the Temple this season.)

Marty then addresses Pentagon Dark, who he taunts for breaking his arm, but gloats in the fact that he took his title away from him. Marty then says that he hasn't forgotten about his sister Mariposa, and wishes to grant her a shot at his LU championship. Mariposa comes out, and that match is next!

Marty the Moth versus Mariposa for the Lucha Underground championship

Marty and Mariposa share a moment before they fight. Mariposa lands a headbutt, but Marty responds by kicking his sister in the crotch. He throws Mariposa in the corner and wails on her with clubbing forearms.

To the outside, Marty tosses Mariposa into a row of chairs. Marty then slams Mariposa's head off the announce table and she's busted open. He slams her head again and now Mariposa is screaming in pain.

Back in the ring Marty covers Mariposa but she kicks out. He rag dolls her into the corner and stomps her with little resistance from Mariposa. On the outside again, Mariposa finally gets in some offense and tosses Marty off the guardrail. Marty responds by picking up Mariposa in a powerbomb, bouncing her off the Temple walls, and powerbombing her onto the floor.

Reclusa hands Marty a chair back in the ring. Mariposa superkicks it into Marty's face. Low-blow from Mariposa!! Marty rolls back to the outside. Crowd is fully behind Mariposa! She grabs the microphone and calls him a "b---h." She grabs the chair and throws it at Marty's head. Mariposa goes under the ring and throws almost 10 chairs on top of Marty. Temple is going crazy.

Drop toe hold from Mariposa and Marty hits the chair again. She climbs to the top rope and destroys him with a missile dropkick. Cover but only two!! Samoan drop from Mariposa to Marty onto the chair and she nearly wins the match! Reclusa comes in and kicks Mariposa in the head. Marty takes advantage, taunts Pentagon again, and hits Mariposa with Penta's finisher for the victory.

Marty the Moth retains by pinfall.

Marty celebrates in the ring with Reclusa and the title. He then gets on the microphone and says that his match with Pentagon Dark at Ultima Lucha Cuatro will be a Cero Miedo match. He then breaks Mariposa's arm the same way Pentagon does. Pentagon comes out with a chair in hand. Marty flees.

Pentagon accepts Marty's challenge. He then promises the people of the Temple that he will break Marty's bones at Ultima Lucha.

That's the show.


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