Lucha Underground Recap (10/10): Reklusa Debuts, Mil Muertes And Fenix Team Up, Mundo Returns

Highlights of Fenix's dark turn since Aerostar brought him back from the dead. He says that Catrina has stolen his life force. Recap of Matanza destroying Johnny Mundo at his wedding with Taya.

Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show. Striker announces a double-main event. Mil Muertes and Fenix team up to face The Mack and El Dragon Azteca Jr. Also in action is Reklusa, making her LU debut, against Pentagon Dark.

Taya is in the ring with a microphone. She calls Antonio Cueto a piece of sh*t and tells him to come out. Taya screams at him Cueto for the actions of Matanza, including the sacrifices of her friends Joey Wrestling and Jack Evans. She challenges Matanza to a matchup right now. Antonio says that he likes Taya's fighting spirit, but he wants to see a sacrifice. Matanza comes out and the match is on!

Matanza versus Taya

Taya attacks Matanza coming into the ring. She stomps him down in the corner, but Matanza bounces out and takes her down with a shoulder block. Matanza rag dolls Taya around the ring. Two big boots from Taya. She goes for a tornado DDT but Matanza counters. Taya adjusts her body positioning and locks in a sleeper hold! Superkick and a cutter from Taya and Matanza is down!

On the top rope Taya lands a moonsault. Cover but only a two count. Back on his feet, Matanza hits a running boot. Johnny Mundo is back and he hits Matanza with a big kick!

The match is ruled a no-contest.

Johnny beats down on Matanza and lands the End of the World. Matanza gets back to his feet and Taya and Johnny flee.

Tag team match is next as we go to our first commercial.

Striker and Vampiro inform us that Johnny Mundo against Matanza has been added to Ultima Lucha in three weeks.

Melissa Santos introduces both teams. She hesitates when Fenix comes out.

Mil Muertes & Fenix versus The Mack and El Dragon Azteca Jr.

All the men are in the ring. (Tornado tag rules.) Mack and Muertes tie it up while Azteca and Fenix go after each other. Mack and Fenix end up on the outside. Mil catches Azteca with a chokeslam but Azteca bounces back with a facecrusher and a legdrop. Fenix jumps in and lands a superkick sending Azteca out.

Mack and Fenix in the ring. Frankensteiner by Mack. He slaps the spit right out of Fenix and lands a big arm-drag from the top rope.


Back to the action and Mack and Mil are going at it with Azteca and Fenix down on the apron. Big backdrop from Mil but Mack catches him with a samoan drop. Standing moonsault and Mack goes for the cover but Fenix breaks it up with a PK. Fenix throws Mack into the turnbuckle. They both go up to the top. Top rope frankensteiner from Fenix! Cover and a CLOSE two count.

Fenix takes Mack out with a double-stomp to his lowerback. Azteca and Mil are going at it now. Azteca goes for a springboard but Mil destroys him with a shoulder block. All the men in the ring now and Mil and Fenix are working the babyfaces over. Mil hits the flatliner, and Fenix the muscle buster driver. Duel pinfalls and Mil and Fenix pick up the win.

Mil Muertes and Fenix win by pinfall.

Fenix and Mil...longtime enemies...embrace after their victory.

We go to another commercial.

Back from break and Beautiful Brenda and Famous B are in the ring. B says that he saw his life flash before his eyes when he witnessed Matanza attacking Taya and Johnny Mundo at their wedding. He then says that he signed an exclusive contract...with himself, and that he's come out of retirement to fight.

Ricky Mundo comes out in hopes to shut Famous B up. Ref is out and this is official.

Ricky Mundo versus Famous B.

Ricky unloads on B right out of the gate. He nails him with eblows, headbutts, and fists. B lands some strikes, including an impressive pele kick, but Ricky responds with a big lariat. Rude awakening neckbreaker and this one is over quick.

Ricky Mundo wins by pinfall.

Post-match Ricky crawls to the creepy doll which he had placed in the corner. He grabs a mic and calls Johnny and Taya cowards. He then reveals that it was he who unleashed Matanza at the wedding because for years he was treated like a nobody. "As long as Taya is in the picture, Johnny will never respect me." He challenges Taya to a match at Ultima Lucha, and to get his point across, he attacks Beautiful Brenda with a crossface.

Main event is next as we go to break!

Melissa Santos introduces Reklusa, followed by Pentagon Dark.

Pentagon Dark versus Reklusa

While Pentagon is walking to the ring Reklusa attacks from the top rope with a crossbody! She throws Pentagon in the ring and unloads on him with right hands.

Back on the outside Reklusa gouges Pentagon's eyes and throws him into a bunch of chairs. Pentagon catches Reklusa and powerbombs her off the ring apron and rolls her back inside. Big chop from Pentagon onto Reklusa's chest. Superkick and they're back on the outside again.

Pentagon tells some fans in the temple to move and throws Reklusa into their vacated chairs. Stiff kicks from Pentagon targeting Reklusa's legs. Fans are cheering wildly for Pentagon. He smacks Reklusa over the head with a foreign object. Another superkick from Pentagon and he is in full control.

Back in the ring Reklusa mounts some offense with a frankensteiner followed by a dropkick that sends Pentagon to the floor. Reklusa climbs to the top and hits another frankensteiner. Reklusa nails Pentagon with a suicide dive that transitions into a DDT.

Pentagon lands his signature sling blade. Another big superkick that rocks Reklusa. Pinfall, but only a two count. Reklusa dodges a running attacks and surprises Pentagon with a huge tornado DDT. She unloads some kicks into Pentagon's chest. Pentagon catches her with the pumphandle driver. SHE KICKED OUT. Pentagon is shocked. He goes for the package piledriver but Reklusa escapes. Thrust kick. Reklusa goes up but Pentagon hits an enziguri. They're both on the apron. Package Piledriver from Pentagon onto the apron!!! He throws her back in the ring for a cover...BUT AGAIN SHE KICKS OUT.

Pentagon argues with Marty Elias. Reklusa takes advantage and hits a low blow! Mexican destroyer!! Pentagon kicks out! Lungblower and package piledriver and Pentagon scores the winning pinfall.

Pentagon Dark wins by pinfall.

Post-match Pentagon grabs Reklusa's arm as if to break it. He stops. He goes under the ring and grabs...THUMB TACS. He picks Reklusa up but Marty the Moth comes out and nails Pentagon with a barbed wire baseball bat. He drives the bat deep into Pentagon's head. Reklusa goes to the outside and grabs a gasoline container. She pours it on top of Pentagon. Marty has a lighter...



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