Lucha Underground Recap (10/17): Jake Strong Vs. Johnny Mundo, Battle Royal, Mack Against Killshot

Recap of the events of the last few weeks, including Johnny Mundo's return to save Taya from Matanaza, the feud between Killshot and Son of Havoc, and Jake Strong snaping the ankles of Aerostar and Drago.

Antonio Cueto is sitting in his office when Jake walks in. Jake wants to know why he was called upon. Cueto says that since his arrival, Jake has been the most dominant athlete at the Temple. Jake says that he doesn't want any handouts, he will become the Lucha Underground champion on his own terms. Cueto presents him with a medallion, and explains that tonight he'll have an opportunity to compete for the Gift of the Gods. Jake throws the medallion back, and says that this isn't his temple anymore."IT'S MINE" says Jake with the voice of a demon.

Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show. Striker tells us that Ultima Lucha Cuatro is only two weeks away. Antonio Cueto is in the ring and says that a new Gift of the Gods champion must be determined. He then names the superstars he awarded Aztec medallions to. They are:

Aerostar, PJ Black, Hernandez, Big Bad Steve, King Cuerno, Jake Strong, and Dante Fox. (First appearance since Ultima Lucha Tres.) Temple crowd goes wild.

Cueto says these men will compete in a Battle Royal right now...the winner decides who no longer gets to compete for the title next week.

Jake Strong versus King Cuerno versus Dante Fox versus Big Bad Steve versus Hernandez versus PJ Black versus Aerostar in a Battle Royal

Everyone goes at each other. Aerostar hits Steve with an impressive corkscrew takedown, followed by a huge arm-drag. He eliminates Steve with a 619 variation. At the same time Hernandez gets knocked out by someone else.

Black and Cuerno are trading strikes when Strong clotheslines them both over, but they remain on the apron. Dante Fox uses Strong to dropkick both Cuerno and Black off the apron eliminating them. Strong then pushes out Aerostar and Fox and Strong are all that are left.

Strong throws Fox over but he uses his agility to stay in and lands an enziguri. Big Lariat from Strong and he tosses Fox over with ease.

Jake Strong wins the Battle Royal

Cueto asks Strong who he wants eliminated from next week's Gift of the Gods match. Jake says he doesn't want anyone eliminated...he wants to destroy them all. Cueto agrees, and says that next week it'll be a 7-to-survive. Strong says no matter who Cueto puts in the ring with him, he'll snap them in half. Cueto agrees, and makes the main event of the evening. Jake Strong versus Johnny Mundo.

First commercial of the evening.

Melissa Santos introduces Killshot for our second matchup of the evening. His opponent...The Mack.

Son of Havoc is in the rafters to watch.

Killshot versus The Mack

Mack lands a hard slap on Killshot to begin. Killshot attempts to use his agility to escape but Mack cuts him off with a basement dropkick and a standing moonsault. In the corner, Mack lands a jumping thrust kick onto Killshot, but Killshot bounces out and lands a flush flying knee. Stunner attempt by Mack but Killshot pushes him off and superkicks him knocking Mack through the ropes. Double foot stomp from Killshot and Mack hits the Temple floor hard.

Back in the ring Killshot goes for a full-nelson but Mack escapes. Series of strikes from Killshot but Mack responds with a german suplex. Killshot goes to the top but Mack catches him with a Stunner! Mil Muertes runs in and spears The Mack. DQ.

The Mack wins by disqualification.

Son of Havoc runs in to save The Mack but Killshot takes advantage and attacks him. Muertes lays out The Mack with a flatliner. The heels stand tall to end the segment.

Ivelisse and Xo Lishus are up next to address the Temple as we go to another commercial.

Back from break and Ivelisse and Lishus are in the ring with Matt Striker. Ivelisse says they've been invited to compete for the trios championship at Ultima Lucha Cuatro against the Reptile Tribe and the Rabbit Tribe, but they don't have a partner because he was sacrificed by Matanza. They introduce their new partner, Sammy Guevara. Striker says that Sammy hasn't been seen since...

Famous B comes out and says that he hasn't been seen since B brought him to the Temple. He also says that when he brought him in, Sammy signed a contract exclusive to Famous B's agency, Infamous Incorporated, and that he is unable to compete with Lishus and Ivelisse. Sammy responds by hitting Famous B with a reverse Tope Con Hilo knocking him down. Sammy then throws the contract into a trash can, and slams the trash can over B's head. Superkick and B is out. He poses with Lishus and Ivelisse, signifying that they are indeed a team.


Back from break...Striker and Vampiro run down the Ultima Lucha Cuatro card.

Melissa Santos introduces Jake Strong and it's main event time!

Johnny Mundo versus Jake Strong

Mundo attempts to take Jake down, but Jake uses his strength to body Mundo. Mundo uses his speed and catches Strong with an arm drag, but Jake hits him with a big belly to belly slam. Mundo pops off a big springboard kick but it has little effect on Jake, who tosses Mundo to the outside. Jake pursues him and lands multiple strikes on the Temple floor.

Back in the ring Jake puts Mundo in the corner and lands multiple splashes, followed by a big lariat. Jake goes for his signature jumping vader bomb but Mundo gets the feet up! Tornado DDT and both men are down. Mundo is back to his feet first and he unloads on Jake with a series of right hands, a spinning wheel kick, and a standing shooting star. Pinfall attempt but Jake kicks out easily. Moonlight drive attempt from Mundo but Jake escapes. Enziguri from Mundo. Mundo tries to go for a high risk move but Jake pushes out his legs and Mundo lands hard on the top turnbuckle.

Mundo runs into the crowd and Jake follows him. Mundo goes for a kick but Jake catches the ankle in the ankle lock. Mundo grabs a beer from a fan and smashes it on Jake's face to break the hold. Mundo jumps from one section to the next, and draws Jake in...sunset powerbomb from Mundo to Jake onto the Temple floor.

Back in the ring again Mundo goes to the top and hits a 360 elbow drop. Jake kicks out, but Mundo continues to pound on Jake with elbows. Both on the top rope and Mundo blocks a superplex, but Jake lands an overhead belly to belly. Vader bomb from Jake! Mundo kicks out at two! Gut-wrench powerbomb attempt from Jake, but Mundo counters with a russian leg-sweep. He goes for the End of the World but Jake rolls him up, transition into the ankle lock! Mundo escapes...Moonlight Drive! A very close two count!

Both men begin trading strikes in the center of the ring...Mundo makes a mistake and tries to kick Jake in the gut and gets caught in the ankle lock again. Mundo takes off his armpad and throws it at the ref, distracting him. Mundo low-blows Jake to break the hold! End of the World but he doesn't get the cover right away. Mundo kicks out but Jake immediately grabs the ankle. Mundo taps.

Jake Strong wins by submission.

Post-match Jake Strong celebrates, but continues to attack Mundo's ankle with an ankle lock. Matanza comes out and Strong releases the hold, and throws Mundo in Matanza's direction. Matanza explodes onto Mundo with strikes. Taya comes out for the save! Matanza overpowers her and hits the Wrath of the Gods. Matanza then goes back to work on Mundo, who is busted open and bleeding badly.

Antonio Cueto comes out of his office to watch the beating, and then calls Matanza off. The show ends with Taya and Johnny Mundo laid out in the ring.

That's the show friends.


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