Video package hyping the participants in tonight’s matchup for the Gift of the Gods championship. It will be a 7-to-survive bout.

Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome all the believers to the show. They tell us that Ultima Lucha kicks off next week, which includes the Mask vs. Mask match between Son of Havoc and Killshot. They then tell us that the Gift of the Gods matchup is next… and will be possibly going all night!

Melissa Santos introduces the competitors for the 7-to-survive and says that it will be an elimination match. They are: King Cuerno, Big Bad Steve, Hernandez, Aerostar, PJ Black, Jake Strong, and Dante Fox.

King Cuerno versus Big Bad Steve versus Hernandez versus Aerostar versus PJ Black versus Jake Strong versus Dante Fox

Fox gets in the first offense with jumping thrust kicks to Strong and Hernandez. Black and Cuerno team up on Fox but he catches them both with a double-cutter. With everyone on the outside…Fox hits a springboard 450 and wipes out all competitors. Back in the ring Fox dives at Hernandez but gets caught…Fox escapes and hits an enziguri. Big clothesline from Hernandez. Fox catches Hernandez in a roll-up and eliminates him.

Hernandez has been eliminated.

We go to our first commercial of the evening.

Back from break and everyone is brawling. Black works on Big Steve while Cuerno throws Fox to the outside. Strong awaits and slams Fox’s head off the announcer table. Cuerno tosses Aerostar into the crowd. Attitude adustment from Cuerno and Aerostar crashes through three chairs. Aerostar responds by throwing Cuerno back to the arena floor and then hitting a frankensteiner from off the barricade.

Elsewhere Strong powerbombs Fox off a wooden wall. Black throws Big Steve into the ring. Famous B runs in to distract Black, and passes Steve a wrench. Black kicks B in the nuts, but Steve nails him with the wrench. Cuerno runs in and gets smashes with the wrench as well. Aerostar attempts a springboard maneuver but Steve surprises him with a wrench shot as well. Black turns Steve around and low blows him. Strong tries to take advantage of a defenseless Black but Black catches him with some offense…including another kick to the nuts. Springboard asai moonsault from Black onto Strong with a cover. Strong kicks out. Black attempts a sunset flip but Strong transitions into the ankle lock. Black submits.

PJ Black has been eliminated.

Second commercial of the evening.

Back from break Big Steve is alone in the ring. Cuerno and Aerostar surround him. Steve grabs Aerostar and holds him for Cuerno to attack. Cuerno obliges and smashes Aerostar with a huge knife-edged chop. They both double-team Cuerno now. Pop-up cutter from Steve, followed by a dropkick from Cuerno and Aerostar rolls to the outside.

Cuerno and Steve face off now. They each trade right hands. Big side kick and running knee from Cuerno. He rips open Steve’s attire to expose his chest. Knife-edged chop from Cuerno. Double-clothesline and both men are down.

Drago comes in with a forklift. It lifts Aerostar high above the ring…OMG IT’S ALMOST AS HIGH AS THE CEILING…crowd is going wild. FLYING CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP OF THE FORKLIFT AND HE TAKES. OUT CUERNO AND STEVE. Aerostar covers Steve…and he’s out.

Big Bad Steve has been eliminated.

Third commercial of the evening.

Back from break Strong is working over Aerostar with clubbing forearms. He turns his attention to Cuerno, nailing him with a vertical suplex. He stomps on his chest. Cuerno attempts a comeback but Strong catches him with a flapjack. He locks in the ankle lock on Strong but Aerostar breaks the hold with a headscissor takedown. Aerostar targets Strong’s legs, and hits a top rope trust fall to knock Strong down. Cover but only two. On his feet…Strong pops up Aerostar and locks in the ankle lock. Aerostar taps.

Aerostar has been eliminated.

Cuerno interrupts Strong before he can break Aerostar’s ankle. He knocks Strong to the outside. Only Fox, Strong, and Cuerno remain.

Fourth commercial of the night.

Back from break again…Cuerno sees Aerostar off in a nice show of respect. In the ring Strong, Cuerno, and Fox all stare each other down. Strong attempts a clothesline to Cuerno but he ducks and hits a running knee on Fox. Another running knee attempt but Strong catches Cuerno in the ankle lock! Cuerno escapes tossing Strong to the outside. BIG SUICIDE DIVE from Cuerno to Strong. Fox climbs to the top of the Temple…SWANTON BOMB ONTO STRONG AND CUERNO.

Back in the ring…Fox climbs the top rope and nails Cuerno with a 450 splash. He’s about to be eliminated but Strong pulls Fox off. Cuerno takes advantage of Strong’s distraction and lands his Thrill of the Hunt finisher onto Fox. FOX KICKS OUT! Surfboard stretch submission from Cuerno onto Fox. Strong comes out of nowhere with the Vader bomb onto Cuerno. Fox with the springboard cutter onto Strong and the action is all over the place. Fox pulls Strong to the center and climbs to the top again. He goes for a Swanton but Strong gets the knees up! All three men take each other out with superkicks

Cuerno, Strong, and Fox all trade strikes. Strong gets the better of the smaller men but Fox and Cuerno double-up to take Strong down. Fox and Cuerno go at each other now. Foxcatcher DDT and Cuerno is gone.

King Cuerno has been eliminated.

Strong and Fox are all that remain. Fox attempts a moonsault on the outside but Strong moves. Fox lands on his feet and sets up a dropkick from the apron. Both men are exhausted. Inside the ring Fox hits a superkick and rolls Strong up! He kicks out! Forearms from Fox. He puts Strong on the top rope. Strong grabs his ankle but Fox escapes. Enziguri attempt but Strong catches him again with the ankle lock right in the center. Fox tries to escape multiple times but eventually taps out.

Dante Fox is eliminated.

Jake Strong wins the Gift of the Gods Championship.

After a short celebration, Jake Strong attacks Dante Fox again and snaps his ankle. He then poses with the Gift of the Gods title.

Off in the distance, Johnny Mundo is shadowboxing to prepare. Aerostar appears and says that no training can prepare him for Mantanza Cueto. Mundo says that he hurt his friends, his wife, and ruined his wedding. Aerostar offers his assistance but Mundo declines. Drago then appears with the Gauntlet glove that Cage used to wear. Mundo initially refuses…but then grasps the power of the gauntlet, and admit that it makes him feel like a god. Drago asks Aerostar if what they did was a good idea…Aerostar responds by saying only time will tell.