Mauro Ranallo gives us a recap of the first round of action, and announces the four matchups for the evening:

MYC intro song.

Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to the show, and promise us an exciting evening of action. Cole says that there are only 16 competitors left, and that the pressure is on.

Highlight video of our first matchup of the evening: Toni Storm against Hiroyo Matsumoto.Toni says that she's wrestled Hiroyo many times, and she's prepared to take her out of this tournament.

Toni Storm is out first, followed by "Lady Godzilla." They shake hands in the ring as a sign of respect before the bell rings.

Toni Storm versus Hiroyo Matsumoto in the second round of the MYC

Tie-up. Hiroyo gains early advantage with a wristlock, but Storm shifts her weight and reverses the pressure taking Hiroyo down. Headlock by Hiroyo. She holds Storm down with a leg lock choke. Both women to their feet. They shake hands again, but this time Hiroyo kicks her in the gut. Multiple strikes, followed by a stunner from Hiroyo bouncing Storm's neck off the ropes. Missile dropkick off the top from Hiroyo. Cover but only a two count.

Storm tries to fire back, but Hiroyo nails her with a suplex. Hiroyo wears Storm down with kicks in the corner turnbuckle. Storm explodes out of the corner with a release german suplex. Fisherman's suplex from Storm. Two count. Storm and Hiroyo trade elbows and forearms in the center of the ring. Big clothesline from Hiroyo and she sets her up for a powerbomb. Storm rolls her up but Hiroyo counters into a half-crab! Storm breaks the hold by getting to the ropes.

Hiroyo gives Storm a double-knee Vader bomb. Storm responds with a big headbutt and another german suplex. Hiroyo with the rock-drop back drop but Storm gets her foot on the rope. Roll up by Storm! Two count! Sliding clothesline from Hiroyo. She nails Storm with a series of short arm clotheslines, but on her third attempt gets rolled up by Storm for the victory!

Toni Storm wins by pinfall and advances to the quarterfinals.

Toni celebrates. Cole shoots us to the video package for our second match. It's Kacy Catanzaro against Rhea Ripley. Kacy says she's used to being an underdog. Rhea says no matter who her opponent is, she will rip them apart, and tonight, that will be Kacy.

Kacy is out first. Rhea second. They do NOT shake hands.

Kacy Catanzaro versus Rhea Ripley in the second round of the MYC

Rhea immediately uses her size advantage over Kacy with a shoulder block. Kacy uses her speed and lands a handstand frankensteiner off the ropes, but Rhea responds by throwing Kacy off the ropes. Roll up by Kacy, but Rhea escapes. BIG DROPKICK from Rhea and she's now in full control.

Rhea taunts Kacy and wears her down. Standing dropkick from Rhea to a downed Kacy. Stalling suplex from Rhea and she holds up Kacy almost 15 seconds. Variation of a Texas cloverleaf submission and Kacy is in deep trouble. She rolls through to escape the submission but then gets nailed by a big boot. Another pinfall attempt by Rhead but Kacy kicks out.

Kacy shows an amazing amount of athleticism and surprises Rhea with an around the world tornado DDT that sends Rhea to the outside. Corkscrew plancha from Kacy! She throws Rhea back in the ring and nails her with a series of attacks. Running clothesline in the corner. Kacy attempts a springboard maneuver but she slips. Second attempt she nails a springboard dropkick. However, Rhea catches her in the Rip-tide bomb, and that's all she wrote.

Rhea Riples wins by pinfall and advances to the quarterfinals.

Rhea shakes Kacy's hand after the match. The next video package plays. It's for Lacey Lane and Taynara Conti. Lacey says to never judge a book by its cover, because no one knows who she truly is. Taynara states that she will do what she needs to do, and that means hurting Lacey Lane.

Conti is out first for our third matchup. Lacey second. She's sporting green contact lenses.

Lacey Lane versus Taynara Conti in the second round of the MYC

Conti takes Lacey down with a judo-throw. Running kick from Lacey but Conti bounces right back and throws Lacey off the mat. Vicious chops from Conti onto Lacey's chest. Lacey responds by pulling the hair, and nails Conti with a clothesline. Roll the Dice by Lacey for the first pinfall attempt. Only two. Conti catches Lacey in a firemans carry but Lacey shifts her weight and hits the crucifix bomb!

Lacey Lane wins by pinfall and advances to the quarterfinals

Cole, Young, and Phoenix all comment on the upset that just took place. We see Mercedes Martinez and Meiko Satomura backstage preparing for the main event of the evening. Their video package plays hyping their matchup. Meiko expresses that she wants the world to see what true strength is/means, and hopes through her performance that fans see what Japanese wrestling is about. Mercedes talks about falling just short of last year's finals, and this is the year that she goes all the way. Meiko says she's prepared for Mercedes' strikes and submission holds.

Mercedes is out first. Meiko second. Both women shake hands and bow.

Mercedes Martinez versus Meiko Satomura in the second round of the MYC

Tie-up. Meiko targets Mercedes' left arm. Mercedes with a takedown and locks in a headlock. Meiko lands a few stiff kicks that stun Mercedes and Meiko takes advantage by locking in a headlock of her own to wear Mercedes down. Mercedes escapes from the hold with a northern lights suplex to shift the momentum.

Another headlock by Mercedes. Meiko shifts her weight and locks in a head-scissors but Mercedes escapes and slaps Meiko. She opens up on Meiko with a stiff chop and a choke-bomb that nearly wins her the match. Mercedes works over Meiko's neck again with a guillotine choke, and strikes Meiko hard with uppercuts and forearms. Another big chop but Meiko fires back with a big kick. Meiko climbs to the top but Mercedes hits the ropes to crotch drop her. Swinging neckbreaker from Mercedes! Two count. She goes for the fisherman buster but Meiko locks in a vicious armbar! Rope break!

Meiko lays into Mercedes with yes kicks. Back to the top rope. Big frog-splash! Pinfall attempt but only a two! Back body drop from Mercedes and both women are down. Mercedes attempts the fisherman buster again but Meiko counters. Big stomp onto Mercedes chest. DDT and a cartwheel knee drop from Meiko. Mercedes blocks a Pele kick and hits a running knee! Mercedes hits Fisherman buster! MEIKO KICKS OUT!!! Standing ovation from Full Sail!!!

Mercedes locks Meiko in a surfboard variation, but Meiko escapes. Big spinning kick from Meiko, followed by the scorpion kick.

Meiko Satomura wins by pinfall and advances to the quarterfinals.

Meiko and Mercedes embrace afterwards. Quick recap of the evening.

That's the show friends.