Show opens with highlights of the early rounds. Mauro Ranallo provides voice-over hyping up this week’s quarterfinals. That includes Io Shirai against Deanna Purrazzo, Mia Yim against Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley against Tegan Nox, and Lacey Lane against Meiko Satomura.

Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to tonight’s episode of the Mae Young Classic. Cole says that the pressure is on now as only eight women remain.

Our first matchup is Meiko Satomura taking on Lacey Lane. Video package shows off Lacey’s vicious crucifix bomb that netted her two victories, while Meiko used the Scorpion Kick to win a dream match against Mercedes Martinez in Round 2. Lacey isn’t afraid of Meiko, and welcomes the challenge.

Kayla Braxton introduces Lacey Lane first…Meiko second.

Pre-match handshake.

Meiko Satomura versus Lacey Lane MYC quarterfinal matchup

Tie-up. Meiko attempts an early gut kick but Lacey blocks it off. Lacey hits the first strike with a knife-edged chop. Meiko responds with a series of stiff quick kicks, one connecting with Lacey’s head. Lacey uses her speed and targets Meiko’s legs, knocking her to her knees, and then landing a head kick of her own. Nice counter sequence from both ladies that ends with Lacey hitting a thrust kick.

Meiko catches Lacey off the ropes with a huge strike, and then locks in an armbar but Lacey gets to the rope to break the hold. Big snap suplex from Meiko but Lacey gets to her feet and unloads on Meiko with multiple elbows and a running knee. Top rope crossbody from Lacey! Only a two count! Meiko dodges a strike, hits a big head kick, and then a death valley driver for the W.

Meiko Satomura wins by pinfall to advance to the semifinals.

Meiko and Lacey embrace post match in a great show of respect.

Io Shirai and Deanna Purrazzo are backstage preparing for their encounter. Their video package comes on. Deanno says she considers herself an armbar specialist, and calls Shirai her toughest opponent yet. Shirai responds by saying that if competes at the same level she did in Japan, she’ll make it to Evolution.

Shirai comes out first, and our next matchup is next.


Io Shirai versus Deanna Purrazzo MYC quarterfinal

Test of strength to start…some chain wrestling from both competitors. Deanna wins the first exchange with a shoulder bump. Io wins the second one by showing off her agility with some backflips, and land a running dropkick that sends Deanna to the outside. Suicide dive from Io and they both hit the metal ramp hard. Back in the ring Io targets the back with a powerslam, followed up by double knees to the midsection.

In the corner Deanna evades Io’s big double stomp…series of roll ups from Io and Deanna…Io transitions from a roll up to a standing double stomp! (Great sequence.) Io, in full control, lands a couple of big elbow strikes. Deanna strikes back with a hip toss and dropkick in succession. Both women are down. Deanna hits a spin kick, russian leg sweep, and then locks in a reverse armbar in the middle of the ring! Io uses her weight to roll her up! Two count! Io catches Deanna in a headlock, but Deanna rolls her up! Another two count! Big palm strike from Io and momentum slows down.

619 from Io, followed by a springboard dropkick. Io goes for her finishing moonsault but Deanna blocks the attempt. Series of german suplexes from Deanna. Armbar is locked in again! Io looks like she’s fading…rolls through and locks Deanna in a crossface. It’s in deep! Deanna escapes but walks right into a big knee from Io. Meteora from Io. She hits the Asai moonsault and that’s it.

Io Shirai wins by pinfall to advance to the semifinals

Post match Deanna and Io hug it out. Deanna walks up the ramp in tears, but she gave it her all.

Backstage Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley prepare for their bout, which is up next. Their hype video covers Nox’s injury during last year’s MYC, and how this year she’s fully healthy, and fully ready to go deep into this tournament. Rhea Ripley responds by saying that she’s out for one thing…gold.

Tegan is out first and this next matchup is underway.

Ripley knocked away the prematch handshake.

Rhea Ripley versus Tegan Nox MYC quarterfinal

Tegan hits a dropkick right out the gate. Suicide Dive! Tegan tries to throw Rhea in the ring but she can barely stand. Looks like she landed awkwardly on her good knee. Rhea takes advantage and drops Tegan flat on her stomach. Tegan kicks out, but the referee calls out a doctor. Tegan says she can continue.

Rhea nails Tegan with strikes to the midsection, and big knife-edged chops to her chest. Nox mounts a comeback but a big dropkick from Rhea knocks her back down. Tegan clutches her leg in a massive amount of pain, and the referee stops the match.

Rhea Ripley wins due to referee stoppage to advance to the semifinals

Tegan is in tears. The crowd gives her a huge reception as doctors attend to her and take her to the back. Michael Cole says that he’s seen injuries throughout his career, but his one hurts, especially since Tegan got injured last year. Beth says she’s dealt with a torn ACL in the past, and her heart goes out to Tegan.

Final matchup for the night is Mia Yim and Toni Storm. Video package highlights Mia’s willingness to do whatever it takes to advance. Toni Storm meanwhile says that she can’t let herself or her fans down. Winning the MYC is her dream, and she plans on achieving it. She calls Mia one of the biggest names in wrestling.

Mia is out first and it’s main event time.


Mia Yim versus Toni Storm MYC quarterfinal

Tie-up. Mia lands a knee to the ribs to take early advantage. Big kick from Mia to Storm’s chest. Storm responds with a big running strike. Snap suplex from Storm and an early pinfall attempt. Only two. Series of uppercuts from Storm, but Mia hits another kick, this time to Storm’s elbow. She wears Storm down with an Indian submission backbreaker, but Storm transitions into a cover! Another kickout, but Mia is in control.

Front facelock from Mia, she transitions it into a choke. Storm uses her strength and breaks the hold with a spinebuster. As soon as Storm gets to her feet Mia uses the drop toe hold to put Storm on her face. Series of stiff kicks from Mia right onto the back of Storm’s neck. Both women on their feet and Mia unloads with a series of palm strikes, plus a pele kick. Storm responds by kicking Mia in her injured hand…BIG HEADBUTT FROM STORM AND BOTH WOMEN ARE DOWN.

Storm and Mia trade strikes in the center of the ring. Storm catches a kick and hits a german suplex! Storm sets up for the tiger driver but Mia counters with a backdrop! The action picks up and Mia nails Storm with a big powerbomb. She stacks her up for a pin but Storm JUST kicks out. Crowd is loving this. Storm catches Mia’s bad hand, cranks it, hits a german suplex, and the tiger driver for the win.

Toni Storm wins by pinfall to advance to the semifinals.

Toni and Mia show a sign of respect to one another, but don’t hug.

Recap of the evening’s matchups, and a look a the updated bracket for the semifinals taking place next week.

That’s the show friends.