WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle recently appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. You can see the full episode at this link or in the embed below. Riddle joins the show at around the 124-minute mark.

Riddle said his WWE journey has been awesome so far and he couldn’t be happier. Riddle also revealed that WWE didn’t contact him until a few weeks before his “Takeover: Brooklyn IV” debut back in August. He said it all happened very quickly and New Japan Pro Wrestling actually contacted him within a week.

Riddle also talked about how he thinks he brings a different feel and a realism to the show that’s not there. The former UFC fighter said he doesn’t want to just be the best, he wants to change the game and change how things work, how fans see the business. Riddle elaborated some and said he wants more unpredictability & more realism in the business.

When asked about when he wants to be called to WWE’s main roster, Riddle revealed what would happen in his perfect world – he would become NXT Champion in 3 months or so, go to the main roster to challenge Brock Lesnar and then retire Lesnar. Riddle said his perfect world would include a career vs. WWE Universal Title match with Lesnar at WrestleMania in 2020 or 2021. Riddle also expressed interest in becoming the first American to win the WWE UK Title.

Riddle also revealed that he is making “way more” money in WWE developmental than he was in UFC. He also indicated that the indies were paying him better than UFC did.

Riddle has worked a few NXT live events since making his in-ring debut back in late September. It’s believed he will face Kassius Ohno at “Takeover: War Games II” during WWE Survivor Series weekend in Los Angeles next month.

Riddle also talked about training at the WWE Performance Center, more on his vision for his WWE future, why he signed with WWE, Gabe Sapolsky and more. You can see the full interview below at around the 124-minute mark: