Mick Foley recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his classic Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker. Foley looked back at that match and how it’s taken a life of its own while talking with Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc.

“The idea that something I did would stand the test of time was not something I considered,” Foley said of the match. “I thought I only had a year of shelf-life when I retired from full-time wrestling [in 2000] and 18 years later I’d say half the people that come to my appearances weren’t even born when I was wrestling.

“A lot of them say that HIAC match from 1998 is their favorite match despite the internet being in its infancy, no YouTube and no WWE Network. But people still remember me and seem to like me.”

While being thrown off the cell through a table may be the greatest memory for many Foley fans, he has a different moment in mind. Foley was asked about the favorite moment of his career and he chose winning the WWE title from The Rock.

“When I won my first WWE title from the biggest star in the world. The bigger he gets, the better I look in retrospect. That was a big moment even then, looking back that was almost 20 years ago so maybe we’ll have another anniversary tour just to celebrate that one.”

Foley last appeared on WWE programming at this year’s Hell in a Cell where he was the special guest referee in the Roman Reigns-Braun Strowman match. Following the pay-per-view, WWE Network aired a “Mick Foley 20 Years of Hell” special in which he chronicled that legendary match with The Undertaker from 1998.