MLW Fright Night Recap (10/26): Spin The Wheel For Havoc And Callihan, PCO Vs. LA Park

Show opens with a video showing Low Ki and Tom Lawlor at media day in Chicago. Sami Callihan attacks Lawlor from behind with a baseball bat, choking Lawlor right in front of the champ. Low Ki gets in Lawlor's face, taunting him and telling him he doesn't stand a chance when they meet for the title.

Special Halloween Edition of the MLW Intro song.

Tony Schiavone and Matt Striker welcome us to Fright Night. (They're both in halloween costumes!) They hype up the "Spin the Wheel Make the Deal" match between Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan. (The wheel determines the match stipulation.) Also on the card...PCO versus LA Park.

The clip of the Callihan attack on Tom Lawlor is shown again.

Richard Holliday is on his way to the ring for the first bout of the evening. His opponent...Joey Ryan!! As he enters the ring Schiavone admits he enjoys calling Joey's matches. (I do too Tony.) Joey gives out his signature lolliepop and oils up (EVERYWHERE) before the bell.

Richard Holliday versus Joey Ryan

Holliday thrusts a knee right into Joey's gut and wears him down in the corner to open things up. He taunts to the crowd, giving Joey an opportunity to land some strikes of his own. Atomic drop attempt from Holliday...but it has no fact it hurt's Holliday's knee. (Steel Ween bay bay.) Holliday does land a dropkick, followed by a European uppercut, and locks on a headlock to gain the advantage.

Joey escapes the headlock but runs right into a reverse elbow from Holliday. He stomps on Joey's leg, hands, and chest, but missed a stomp to the head. Joey pops up and lands a series of clotheslines. Spinebuster from Joey with a cover...only two. He calls for a superkick but Holliday catches it. Chain wrestling...they bump into each other...Holliday pretends he's going to fall but rolls Joey up...two count. Big spinning neckbreaker from Holliday with another cover...another two count.

Joey reaches into the trunks and pulls out his hidden lolliepop...backslide from Holliday but Joey kicks out! Joey smashes the lolliepop in Holliday's mouth. Superkick! That'll do it.

Joey Ryan wins by pinfall.

Recap of last week's MLW Fusion, where El Hido de LA Park defeated Sammy Guevara.

Backstage Konnan is with Sammy. He says that he's not focused, and needs to get his head back in the game. Sammy agrees...and says it's time for people to see who Sammy Guevara is. As he walks away Low Ki and Salina de la Renta stroll up talking smack. Konnan tells Low Ki he has a worthy opponent for him to face...Daga. Low Ki says it doesn't matter who he brings...they will fail. He reminds Konnan of the damage he did to Fenix, and that he'll enjoy every waking moment picking apart Daga.

Promo hyping Rush's debut at MLW Chicago.

Backstage Kaci Lennox is with Jimmy Havoc, who won the coin toss to spin the wheel for the match stipulation. It lands on...SPINNER'S CHOICE. Kaci asks Havoc what he wants. He's so enraged that he says he's going to fit as many of those stipulations into their match as possible. (So every stipulation.. expect lots of blood.) Sami Callihan who was watching...displays his displeasure and frustration.

PCO is out for our second matchup of the show. Salina de la Renta accompanies LA Park to the ring. (His outfit is blood red!!!)

PCO versus LA Park

PCO pushes LA Park to the corner...both men charge each other but no one budges. LA Park reciprocates and pushes PCO in the corner screaming at him in Spanish. They charge each other again but no one budges. They trade strikes...PCO catches LA Park and chokeslams him. PCO climbs the turnbuckle...moonsault. Cover but only two. Side kick from PCO and LA Park rolls to the outside...suicide dive from PCO! Both men are down!

PCO opens up on LA Park with chops on the outside. He tosses LA Park back into the ring and stomps him down in the corner. Big Irish-whip, followed by a clothesline from PCO. LA Park bounces right back with his own lariat. He does his famous strut to the delight of the fans. Basement dropkick from LA Park but PCO gets right back up. A running knee from LA Park sends PCO to the outside. Suicide park from LA Park this time! As PCO gets back in the ring LA Park nails him with the chair...Salina yells at the referee and tells him not to stop the match otherwise he'll be fired. (Guess this is No DQ.)

LA Park uses a cord on the outside to whip PCO. Back in the ring...LA Park takes off his belt and smashes it off of PCO's back several times. Big chops to PCO's chest. PCO evades a running attack from the turnbuckle, and responds with a powerbomb. He lifts him up and nails a running knee to the head. Cover...only two. PCO drags LA Park to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. SWANTON ATTEMPT FROM PCO BUT LA PARK MOVES AND PCO HITS THE APRON HARD. LA Park climbs now...FLYING CROSSBODY! They both stumble back into the ring where LA Park lands a spear! He pins PCO...and that's it.

LA Park wins by pinfall.

Salina gets into the ring with a victorious LA Park to celebrate. Park grabs a microphone and begins cutting a promo in Spanish...Salina translates. She says that LA Park thanks them, hopes they've enjoyed his performance, and god bless lucha-libre. Park takes the microphone back and says (in Spanish) that he's undefeated since he's come to MLW, and tells Konnan that he wishes to challenge the Lucha Bros for the MLW tag team titles in Chicago.

Havoc and Callihan are next!

Kaci Lennox is with Sami Callihan. Sami tells Kaci to scram...he is upset that MLW allowed the wheel spin to be based off a coin flip. He says he'll bring whatever's necessary...steel chairs, barbed wire, THE YETI, but in the end...he will kill Jimmy Havoc. "Die Jimmy Die! Die Jimmy Die! Thumbs up...Thumbs Down."

UPDATE...The attack from Sami Callihan to Tom Lawlor has led to a matchup between the two: A Chicago street fight at Fightland.Also on that card...Lucha Bros versus LA Park and El Hijo de la Park for the MLW tag titles, Brody King versus PCO, Rush's debut, and Shane Strickland versus Low Ki for the MLOW heavyweight championship.

We see a TMZ report with Stokely Hathaway. The interviewer questions his kidnapping...Hathaway says he doesn't know who did it...but he was able to escape. He then says that in on November 8th in Chicago...he'll be back.

Recap of the footage of Jimmy Havoc choosing every stipulation for tonight's main event. Sami Callihan, baseball bat in hand, is on his way to the ring first.

Jimmy Havoc is out next. No weapons...but the Lecter mask is on.

Jimmy Havoc versus Sami Callihan

Jimmy opens up with a stiff right hand, followed by a headscissor that sends Sami to the outside. Jimmy goes under the ring and grabs a chair, dog collar, and a staple gun. (JESUS.) Sami lands a pump kick and big chop. He goes for another chop but Jimmy ducks and he hits the ring post. Eye poke from Jimmy. He sets up Sami on a chair...runs around the ring for an attack...then stops and pokes Sami in the eye again. Jimmy goes for a suicide dive...but tricks Sami and shoots him with the staple gun!

Back in the ring Jimmy lands a sunset flip, but Sami grabs the staple gun and shoots Jimmy in the head. Another staple under the armpit. (OUCH.) ANOTHER STAPLE TO THE INSIDE OF JIMMY'S THIGH. Sami places the dog-collar in the center of the ring...big cradle suplex from Sami and Jimmy lands right on the chain of the collar. The crowd taunts Sami for his shoes and he takes them off. Jimmy takes advantage of a distracted Sami and gives him several paper cuts with a Joey Ryan headshot! Papercut to the hands...feet...and lips! Jimmy then takes a lemon and squeezes it on the cut areas. Sami is screaming in pain.

In the corner Jimmy nails Sami with a series of forearms...and THEN STAPLES HIM RIGHT ON THE GROIN. Someone from the crowd hands Jimmy salt...he staples Sami's foot and then pours salt on it! Jimmy goes back under the ring to reveal a body bag and an urn. Inside the urn was powder but Sami knocks it up into Jimmy's face! Spike piledriver from Sami!! JIMMY KICKS OUT! Sami puts his shoe on his hand to use as a weapon...nailing Jimmy in the head. He puts Jimmy in the body bag and tries to zip him up. Jimmy rises up, but then gets spiked again with a piledriver from Sami. Jimmy can't kick out this time.

Sami Callihan wins by pinfall.

Striker tells us next week Tommy Dreamer will face Brody King, while the Hart Foundation battles ACH, Rich Swann, and Marko Stunt.

Sami celebrates and leaves... Jimmy emerges and looks disappointed.


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