New Details On WWE Filming For Matt Hardy Series, Hardy Halloween, More Photos From Hardy Compound

As noted, WWE cameras were filming a Halloween-themed pilot episode for a potential WWE Network series at Matt Hardy's Hardy Compound in North Carolina last week. PWInsider reports that the crew was scheduled to wrap filming this week.


In an update on the project, the footage being filmed is for a Halloween special that will premiere on the WWE Network later this month. The footage is doubling as the pilot for a potential series titled "House Hardy" that would feature Matt, Queen Rebecca Hardy, Senor Benjamin, King Maxel and the others, including "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy.

Word is that the content filmed is very much in-line with the "Broken Hardy" segments that were featured on Impact Wrestling while The Hardys were with that company. We noted before that former Impact producers Jeremy Borash and James Long, who now work with WWE, were working on the new project and it's said that the creative for this new project is very much being dictated by those who know what made the Impact content work so well.


Matt continues to post Halloween-related teases on his social media accounts, including the "Woken Word of the Week" video seen above with Nick Searcy. Below is a new tweet from Matt with Borash, Long and Jeff, plus new Twitter comments from Vanguard 1 the drone and Skarsgard The Dilapidated Boat: