Nia Jax was a recent guest on 101WKQX to promote the upcoming Raw event in Chicago, Illinois. Jax stated her favorite person to travel with is Paige, but they do not travel anymore due to being on separate brands. She also stated that she sees herself as a singles competitor, so she does not have much interest in the tag team division if a championship was to become active.

Jax was asked on her dream opponent(s) would be at the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view, and she initially proposed a tag team match.

“It’s always been a dream of mine since I came to the WWE is to team up with my cousin Tamina, and I thought it would be nothing [but] perfect than to team up with my cousin [verses] Beth Phoenix and Nattie, Natalya,” said Jax. “Since they’re so close, and I think that would be something a dream of mine to have. But, if I can’t team up against Tamina, I would mind facing her because I feel the world would be shocked at what kind of match that her and I could put on for the world to see. I’d be a pretty incredible thing.”

Jax and Tamina went face to face at last year’s Survivor Series during the Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown Live traditional women’s elimination match, which they traded headbutts and Jax was eliminated via countout with the help of Tamina executing a Superfly Splash to her on the outside of the ring. The two were also a part of the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match, but Tamina was eliminated long before Jax’s entrance, only lasting for about a minute and a half.

Nia also revealed that she initially wanted to lose weight and be like the rest of the girls, but it was the coaches in NXT who advised her against doing that.

“The reason why we wanted you and the reason that makes you so special is that you are bigger than everybody; that makes you stand out above the rest, and it actually helps the dynamic of matches out here,” the coaches told Jax. “It’s something that people have never seen.”

Source: 101WKQX