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– Kevin Kelly, Rocky Romero, and Chris Charlton are providing today’s English commentary.

El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (c) vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Tiger Mask (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship)

Liger and Tiger barely get to the ring before Desperado and Kanemaru attack them in the aisle. Chairs are already being used as the champions hammer away out on the floor on the challengers. Things finally make their way back in the ring as Kanemaru goes to work on Tiger, smacks Liger off the apron, body slam to Tiger, followed up by a bunch of kicks.

Desperado goes after Tiger’s mask, but gets a boot to the face, Tiger tries to take off Desperado’s mask, but Kanemaru comes in and pulls Tiger back towards the corner. Tiger ends up kicking away both opponents and is able to tag in Liger who lands a Shotei on each opponent, hurricanrana from the second rope, roll-up on Kanemaru, two. Desperado gets back in the ring, ends up getting powerbombed and Tiger lands a diving headbutt, cover, two-count. Desperado is tagged back in, smacks Liger on the apron, hits a brainbuster on Tiger, lands a spear, cover, and Liger breaks that up. Liger stays in the ring, gets a kick/side suplex combo for his troubles.

Tiger driver lands, cover, another two-count. Tiger and Desperado up on the top rope, Tiger with a headbutt, double-arm suplex off the top rope! Ref goes for a count, Kanemaru slides a whiskey bottle in to stop the ref, then spits some in Tiger’s face. The referee gets knocked down, Liger with a senton cannonball to the floor, but then gets thrown into the barricade. Desperado tries for the strike with the title, misses, tiger hits a tiger suplex. Liger tries to wake up the referee. Kanemaru hits Liger with the whiskey bottle, Tiger gets kicked between the legs by Desperado, wakes up the ref, desperado hits guitarra de angel on Tiger, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru via Pinfall

Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma vs. Juice Robinson and Toa Henare

Honma and Henare get things started, Honma tries for some shoulder blocks, no lucks, Henare with a kick to the midsection and drops Honma with a shoulder block of his own. Henare with a body slam, Honma with some chops, body slam, tries for a falling headbutt, nobody home. Juice is tagged in, stalled vertical suplex, cover, two. Henare back in and trades shots with Honma. Clothesline hits, Henare tries for another, nope, back and forth suplex attempts until Honma lands one of his own.

Makabe is tagged in and runs over Juice, who pops back up, but a shoulder block sends him right to the mat. Juice in the corner, Makabe with a flurry of punches to the heads. Juice runs right into a clothesline, gets back up and sends Makabe into the corner. Hits a few running clotheslines and then a senton cannonball. Full nelson slam, cover, two. Crowd with some “Juice!” chants as he punches away on Makabe, but gets caught with lariat. Honma back in the ring, chops in the corner, running forearm, bulldog, falling headbutt lands and hits this time.

Honma with a body slam, heads up to the top rope, Juice catches him and tosses Honma off the top rope. Henare tagged in, throws a number of strikes, knocks Makabe off the apron and lands a big lariat on Honma, pin, two. Honma up, diving headbutt to the chest. Makabe in the match, Henare with a big rugby tackle, Honma breaks it up. Henare tries for a lariat on Makabe, no luck, and ends up getting dropped himself, cover, barely a one-count. Double lariat on Henare, Makabe body slam, falling headbutt by Honma, knee drop off the top rope Makabe, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma via Pinfall

– Post-match, Juice wasn’t happy about what happened and just heads off. His usual partner, David Finlay, was in Mexico for an event.

The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Chase Owens vs. Guerrillas of Destiny, Bad Luck Fale, and Taiji Ishimori

The Bullet Club OGs coming out to the original Bullet Club theme for this match. Tama taunts the other team a bit with his titles before things get rollins. Owens and Loa start out, Owens gets a roll-up on Loa who gets back to his corner. Ishimori and Nick in the match, Ishimori using his speed to avoid Nick, quick back and forth counters that ends in a dropkick stalemate. Tama suddenly in the ring, now everybody in the ring with plenty of trash talking and punching. BC OGs try for clotheslines, all miss, dropkicks knocks down all but Fale, then Fale gets a quadruple dropkick to put him down.

Young Bucks with some double team moves on Ishimori. Couple BC OGs sent out to the floor with Nick flipping off the top rope to clear out most of them. Matt looks to fly, but Loa trips him up, yanks him to the floor and body slams him. Everyone is fighting out on the floor now with the OGs winning the war. Back in the ring, Ishimori stomps on Matt, tags in Tama, and he focuses in on Matt’s bad back (which is wrapped up for this match, yes, the back injury has returned). Fale is in the ring now and he hammers away on Matt’s back.

Fale rips the tape off Matt’s back and just stands on him as the teams helps to pile on for a moment. Tama in the ring, splash to Matt’s back in the corner. Tama tries for another splash, misses, hits a weak superkick on Loa, hits a spear on Tama and tags in Page. Page knocks Fale off the apron, hits a few clotheslines on Ishimori. Ishimori tries for a leap and gets kicked in midair. Rolling elbow to Loa, tries for a suplex, dropkick moonsault off Loa and onto Ishimori, cover, one-count.

Page avoids Fale’s splash in the ring, Owens and Page clothesline Fale out to the floor. Page climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault to take out a chunk of the other group. Ishomori getting destroyed by the entire team, Owens finishes with a slingshot back breaker, cover, two. Ishimori is finally able to tag out to Tama who ends up getting clobbered by a buckshot lariat from Page. Loa in the ring, backbreaker by Owens, he gets dropped by Fale. Young Bucks with double superkicks on Fale, Ishimori double hurricanrana on the Bucks and then a twisting plancha to the other group. Back in the ring, Tama looks for gun stun, roll-up counter by Owens, two. Owens with a flurry of strikes to both Tama and Loa, Owens looks for a package piledriver, assisted gun stun by the Guerrillas of Destiny, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, Bad Luck Fale, and Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall

– Post-match, BC OGs continue beating up the other team after the match.

Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto, and Will Ospreay vs. Minoru Suzuki, Taichi, and Takashi Iizuka

Both sides battle right off the start, Goto and Iizuka start off, but other wrestlers make their way into the match shortly after. Ospreay gets and assisted standing moonsault by Ishii. Ospreay with a twisting splash and the chaos spills out to the floor. Suzuki with an armbar on the ropes with Goto. Out on the floor Goto gets sent into the barricade by Iizuka. Battles have spilled out into the crowd with Suzuki smashing a chair over Ishii’s back. Referee finally starts up a 20-count. Goto nearly gets counted out of the match, hops back in the ring as Taichi goes to work on him.

Taichi with a choke in the corner on Goto. Iizuka had a mask on, but it comes off and he immediately bites at Goto out on the floor. Suzuki kicks at the barricade by commentary. Iizuka with another bit to Goto, then Ishii, and now Ospreay! Iizuka then goes after the ref. Suzuki is tagged in with some weak kicks to Goto, then lands a hard one to the chest. Goto tries to fight back with chops and lands a suplex. Ishii is tagged in and trades heavy blows with Suzuki in the middle of the ring, crowd into this exchange. Suzuki asks for more, Ishii then with some weak kicks to the head, Suzuki just smiles at him and the exchanges continue. Both tire out and also tag out.

In comes Ospreay and Taichi, Ospreay with a splash off the top, kip-up, handspring kick, cover, two. Taichi nearly puts away Ospreay, but the count is broken up by Ishii and Goto, both are then sent out of the ring. Taichi yanks off the pants, goes for a superkick, it’s block, but the second kick is not. Last ride attempt, Taichi with an enziguri, Iizuka and Suzuki back in the ring and stomp away on Ospreay. Iizuka brings out the iron claw, referee tries to stop him. Taichi grabs his NEVER Openweight Championship, goes to use it, but Ospreay hits a spanish fly. Goto clears out Iizuka. Ospreay with a kick to the side of the head, storm breaker hits on Taichi, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto, and Will Ospreay via Pinfall

– CHAOS celebrates the much needed win. Post-match, Ospreay holds up the NEVER Openweight Title and says he’s next to Taichi. Suzuki tries to grab a chair, but the Young Lions bravely hold him back. He ends up smacking them all away and clobbers one with a chair.

Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano, and Roppongi 3K vs. Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, BUSHI and Shingo Takagi

Crowd is hyped for LIJ coming out and who will be the new member of the group. Naito jumps on the mic for the announcement, says the person is the official announcer for NJPW, who hasn’t been active for year. He waves off the fans and says it’s not him, haha.

A mystery man heads out with a mask on, “The Dragon” is shown on the big screen, but commentary says it’s not Dragon Lee. The mask is removed and it’s Shingo Takagi, a prominent wrestler for years in Dragon Gate.

Takagi starts things out for his team, but things soon break down with everybody pairing off. SANADA ties up Yano in the rope as Takagi chokes out Yoh, big vertical suplex, cover, pin. In comes SANADA, trips up Yoh and gets him in the paradise lock too. SANADA puts him near Yano, kick lands, and Yano is finally free. BUSHI tags in and works away on his opponent, dropkick. Naito in, but is on the receiving end of a dragon screw. Okada is tagged in, clears out LIJ. Okada with a DDT on Naito, kip-up by Okada.

Okada continues to work over Naito who lands an enziguri, but okada lands a dropkick. Naito tries for destino, nope, but does land a flying forearm. Yoh and Sho with a combo kick on BUSHI. SANADA in to help his teammate, BUSHI finally tags in Takagi, big running clothesline in the corner. Takagi plants Sho, cover, two. LIJ goes to work on Sho, BUSHI clears out Yoh on the floor with a suicide dive. Takagi hits his finisher, last falconry, for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, BUSHI, and Shingo Takagi via Pinfall

EVIL vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

EVIL sits on his throne and is carried out by a number of druids, once he got to the ring, one of them attacked! It’s Chris Jericho! Jericho ended up destroying EVIL, hitting codebreaker, smacking EVIL with the title, and leaving through the crowd. The referees call a no contest for the match since EVIL isn’t fit to wrestle. Sabre Jr. is not happy and beats up some people at ringside. He goes after EVIL, but Naito comes out to make the save and clear out Sabre Jr.

Match is ruled a no contest.

Marty Scurll vs. KUSHIDA (for vacant IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship)

Some back and forth mat wrestling to get things started. Crowd fairly split for this match early one. KUSHIDA goes for an cross armbreaker early on, Scurll rolls him up, two-count. Multiple roll pin attempts from both wrestlers, neither having much luck yet. Scurll with a european uppercut, sending KUSHIDA to the floor, Scurll with a big kick from the apron. Back in the ring, Scurll continues to work over KUSHIDA with big chops to the chest.

KUSHIDA heads to the top, Scurll follows, nails a superplex, KUSHIDA locks the legs, two-count. Scurll with a thrust kick, rolling elbow, and we get a number of pinning attempts, but none end the match. KUSHIDA with multiple kicks to Scurll’s body, handspring, but gets caught and another kick to the face by Scurll. Both go for double clotheslines, fall to their knees, then throw double strikes, and crumple to the floor. Both are back up, KUSHIDA with a cartwheel kick, sending Scurll to the floor. KUSHIDA up to the top rope, Scurll hits him and goes up, but KUSHIDA with a diablo armbar! Scurll fights out of it and slingshots his opponent’s neck into the bottom rope.

Scurll transitions into a crossface chicken wing, but KUSHIDA rolls through. Scurll with a double wrist-lock, KUSHIDA gets back to his feet and Scurll with a half and half suplex. KUSHIDA recovers and nails an air raid crash, KUSHIDA tries to lock in a submission, but his hand is really bothering him. Scurll nearly rolls up KUSHIDA for the ring, powerbomb, cover, no. Scurll with a package piledriver, cover, two-count. Scurll nails a lariat, KUSHIDA fires back with two back to the futures, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: KUSHIDA via Pinfall to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jay White (Rights to Tokyo Dome title shot)

Gedo already getting involved as he trips up Tanahashi, White takes advantage then tosses him out to the floor. Tanahashi thrown into the barricade, but he returns the favor and dropkicks White. Gedo hits Tanahashi in the back, Tanahashi strikes back, throws him in the ring, but White with a chop block from behind. White does Tanahashi’s air guitar and is getting some boos from the crowd! They do not like this man. He does the air guitar over Tanahashi’s leg before hitting a modified dragon leg screw. White really focusing on that leg now.

While the referee is distracted, Gedo takes the briefcase and smacks Tanahashi’s knee, gets a bunch of boos for that one. White looks to work over the leg more, but is kicked away. Tanahashi is tossed over the ropes, hangs on, Gedo is right there and gets kicked back to the barricade. Tanahashi looks to skin the cat, White catches him and bashes the leg. White continues to taunt his opponent, snap mare, slap to the back of the head. White charges to the corner, nobody home, Tanahashi with a dragon leg screw, body slam, heads to the second rope, somersault senton, cover, two.

White ends up dumping Tanahashi out to the floor. White gets after him as the crowd screams for Tanahashi. White brings a chair up to the apron, Tanahashi with another dragon leg screw in the ropes, White crumples out to the floor. Tanahashi heads up to the top rope and hits high fly flow to the floor! Back in the ring, White with a flatliner into a release german suplex. Crowd cheers on Tanahashi as both men are down. Both up and trading back and forth strikes now. Bladerunner, no, twist and shout, no, more reversals, double elbows land.

Tanahashi lands twist and shout, one more time, but White nails a spinning brainbuster. Tanahashi sneaks in another spinning neckbreaker, slingblade, Gedo jumps on the apron and gets knocked off. Bladerunner, no, german suplex with the bridge, two-count. Tanahashi heads to the top rope, hits high fly flow to a standing White. Tanahashi heads back up top, high fly flow lands again, cover, and Gedo yanks out the referee! That should have been it, crowd is booing. Gedo with brass knuckles, looks to pop Tanahashi, misses, and gets dropped. White with a lowblow from behind.

White brings a chair into the ring while Red Shoes is still down, Tanahashi hits a lowblow! Tanahashi body slams White on the chair, heads to the top rope high fly no! He lands down on the chair to make things worse. White throws the chair into Tanahashi’s face, White looks for bladerunner, Tanahashi with the roll-up, 1-2-3!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi via Pinfall

– Post-match, White attacks Tanahashi and all the Young Lions. White attacks the leg some more, goes for bladerunner and Okada runs out for the save. Crowd is losing it and starts up an “Okada” chant. Gedo with the slight distraction on Okada, White attacks, but gets sent out of the ring. Gedo with a weak hit to the back, Okada blasts him with some punches. Crowd is loving this. Jado gets in the ring now to calm things down. Bullet Club OGs are headed to the ring, they all point at Okada, but grab Gedo and Jado. BC OGs want him to pick one, but as Okada goes to hit Gedo, Tama hits a gun stun on Okada. Gedo then stomps away on Okada along with the rest of the group. Jay White is invited to the ring he does the “Too Sweet” and gives Okada a blade runner. Looks like White, Gedo, and Jado are now in the Club.

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Kota Ibushi vs. Cody (IWGP Heavyweight Championship)

Young Bucks are at ringside, good sportsmanship is shown by everyone involved with hugs and handshakes. Ibushi tossed to the floor, Cody drops down and pops Omega in the face, sending him to the floor. Ibushi gets dropped by Cody, kip-up, Cody sent out to the floor, Ibushi looks for golden moonsault, but Omega gets in the way. Cody back in the ring and attacks Ibushi.

Double team moves by Golden Lovers, Omega and Ibushi trade pins on Cody though. Action ends up spilling to the outside, Cody ends up giving Ibushi a back body drop out to the crowd by commentary. Back in the ring Cody goes to work on Omega, hits a back drop, cover, two. Ibushi out on the floor holding his knee. Cody with a springboard back into the ring, lands on his feet, Omega with a hurricanrana sending Cody out to the floor. Omega looks to fly, flips and takes out Cody.

Back in the ring, Omega looks to nearly hit one winged angel on Ibushi, but it’s countered, Omega looks to almost apologize to Ibushi. Cody takes out Omega, Ibushi drops Cody, hits a moonsault off the second rope, cover, two. Cody tries to get Omega to help him out by taking out Ibushi, “We’re friends too! Come on!” Double suplex, but Cody slips under and tries to pin Omega. The champ shoves him and they trade back and forth shots, Cody with a big kick, Omega chops, Cody locks in the figure four, the two swing away at each other. Ibushi comes over and boots Cody in the chest, goes for Omega, standing moonsault, cover, Cody shoves him off.

Cody tries for a disaster kick on Omega, misses, snap dragon suplex by Omega, looks to hit a v-trigger, but Ibushi cuts him off. Cody with a springboard dropkick on Ibushi, hammerlock DDT, pin, two. Cody with a few push-ups and a flex for the crowd. Cody with a suicide dive out on Omega, Ibushi looks for golden moonsault, Cody stops him and looks for cross rhodes on the apron, Omega stops that. Omega then powerbombs Cody through the English announce table! Ibushi then nails Omega with a twisting moonsault off the top rope!

Back in the ring, Ibushi with a springboard, but decides against it and just gets in the ring. They end up trading strikes, finishing with a snap dragon suplex by Omega. He looks for v-trigger, no, release german suplex by Ibushi, no, and Omega finally lands a v-trigger. Goes for reverse rana, Ibushi lands on his feet and turns Omega inside-out with a lariat. Ibushi heads up to the top rope, but Cody shoves him down to the floor.

Cody leaps off the second rope, nails a canadian destroyer, cover, two. Omega recovers with a spinning wheel kick to the back of Cody’s head, v-trigger to the back of the head, and Cody is sat up on the turnbuckle, Omega looks for a suplex, Ibushi crawling back in. Cody knocks Omega down, Ibushi heads up, Omega yanks him down, Ibushi with a kick to Omega’s back. Omega with a buckle bomb sending Ibushi into Cody’s back. Cody falls down into a tree of woe position, Omega with a v-trigger on Ibushi, looks for one winged angel, no, Ibushi lawn darts Omega into Cody!

Ibushi looks for a second rope deadlift suplex on Cody, Omega goes for a sunset flip throwing Ibushi and Cody, botches it a bit through. Omega with v-triggers to both Ibushi and Cody. One winged angel on Cody, no, Cody looks for a powerbomb, Ibushi takes him and hits a suplex, cover, Cody breaks it up. Disaster kick on Omega, Cody goes under the ring to look for something, doesn’t find anything, crowd laughed. He walks to the other side and smiles when he finds a table. Young Bucks look on a bit worried.

Table is setup on the floor, Omega escapes Cody at first, ends up on the apron, tries for a springboard and Cody just shoves him back into the table. Cody heads up to the top rope, Ibushi pops him in the face. Ibushi with a superplex, Cody locks the legs, but only gets a two-count. Ibushi with a kick, sit-down powerbomb, two. Ibushi with a knee to the face, ref counts, but Omega catches his arm. Omega apologizes to Ibushi, Ibushi with multiple strikes. Ibushi turns to Cody as he draws near, smacks him out to the floor. Ibushi and Omega with back and forth attacks. Ibushi gets full mount on Omega and hammers open palm strikes to Omega’s face.

Ibushi with some closed fist punches, Red Shoes is not having that. Ibushi with bomaye, cover, two. Cody pulls Ibushi out of the ring, hits cross rhodes on Omega, cover, Ibushi with a double stomp from the top rope, Cody sends him back out of the ring. Cody with another cross rhodes, but Omega kicks out! Ibushi makes his way back in and Cody nails him, looks for vertebreaker, hits it, cover, Omega yanks Cody off to break up the pin. Cody gets a chair, drops it, crowd cheers, then he grabs his US title, throws it Nick, and brings the chair back into the ring! He stalls on hitting either opponent, Ibushi yanks the chair away and kicks him in the face. Omega with a reverse rana, jay driller, cover, two. Omega with a v-trigger, one winged angel hits, Cody tries to break it up, but comes up short.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

– Post-match, Cody goes to head out, Omega asks him to return to the ring. Omega then says he’ll wait for Ibushi to be able to stand before he gives his final speech. He sits down and encourages Ibushi to stand up. Omega asked the crowd if they enjoyed the triple threat title match (a rarity for this title). He thanks the fans, hugs Ibushi, hugs Cody and says he loves Cody’s dog.

As Omega signs off, out from the back comes Hiroshi Tanahashi with his Tokoyo Dome briefcase. Omega says we’re both tired, but if he wants to say something, say it right now. Tanahashi takes the mic, says they may have some philosophical differences about wrestling, but let’s put it all on the line at Wrestle Kingdom 13 and heads out of the ring. Omega does his “goodbye and good night” sign-off to close out the show.