Shane McMahon On WWE Planning Incest Storyline With Stephanie McMahon, The One Angle He Shot Down

Shane McMahon appeared on a recent episode of the Opie Radio podcast and was asked about Vince McMahon pitching an incest storyline between Shane and sister Stephanie McMahon years ago.

Opie recalled how former WWE writer Bruce Prichard was on his podcast recently and Bruce talked about Vince wanting to do the incest angle. Opie said Bruce talked about how he stepped in and said they shouldn't do the angle.


"Well, my sister's hot. I don't know if I would've really minded that," Shane joked.

Shane added that he never heard of that idea but he didn't doubt Bruce was telling the truth.

Shane did recall how Vince wanted him to slap his mother on TV one time but he turned that idea down, telling Vince it was hard enough to hit him but he couldn't put hands on his mother.

The hosts then called Prichard live on the air to discuss the incest storyline. Prichard recalled how the discussion on the idea took up a whole day of creative talks.

"It was during the time when Stephanie was pregnant and Vince was trying to figure out if he could work that into a storyline. It was an entire Sunday, an entire day of my life that I will never get back," Prichard laughed.


Shane said the idea never got back to him and he's thankful Bruce killed it.

Prichard added, "That was always one of the things, whenever he'd [Vince] come up with crazy stuff like that. It would be like, 'Well, who's going to let Shane know?' The funny thing is, we were all on the phone going over everything and it was classic Vince. 'What if I was the father?' Then there's nervous laughter because no one thinks he's serious but then it became, 'Well, what if?'"

"Sick. Exhaust everybody. Sometimes he [Vince] just does it for his own amusement," Shane said.