Spoilers: WWE MYC Tapings For Tonight

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Thanks to correspondent @willb94 for the following:

* Quarterfinals match, 25 minute time limit: Meiko Satomura defeated Lacey Lane to advance to the semifinals. Very even start as both duck kicks and punches from the other. Meiko with a stepover spin kick into an armbar. Lacey gets to the ropes. Lacey with a flurry of kicks and forearms, and a crossbody for 2. Meiko with a fireman's carry DVD style move for the win. Meiko concedes the ring to Lacey for a curtain call after the match

* Quarterfinals match, 25 minute time limit: Io Shirai defeated Deonna Purrazzo to advance to the semifinals. Io hits a big tope crossbody to the outside. Handstand knees to the midsection for 2 by Io. They trade 2 counts and Io hits a standing double stomp. Deonna with a handspring dropkick. Deonna locks in the Fujiwara arm bar but Io rolls it over for a 2. Io with crossface, but Deonna does the same. Io with a 619 and a diving dropkick for 2. Deonna with the Triple Germans for 2 and then goes for the Fujiwara. Io rolls out to a 2 count and again into a crossface. Deonna rolls out but gets a knee to the face. Io with the running double knees and a moonsault for the win

* Quarterfinals match, 25 minute time limit: Toni Storm defeated Mia Yim to advance to the semifinals. Toni with a suplex for 2. Mia locks in a headlock on the ground, but Toni powers out. Toni flips out of an over-the-legs stretch for a 2. Mia locks in a guillotine with a body scissors, but Toni powers out into a slam. They trade strikes from the ground to a standing position. Toni with a hip attack, but Mia hits a side suplex for 2. Mia with a powerbomb for 2. This is awesome chants. Toni blocks Eat Defeat and hits a snap suplex and her double underhook bomb for the win. Great match. Full Sail erupts in "please sign Mia" chants after the match

* Quarterfinals match, 25 minute time limit: Rhea Ripley defeated Tegan Nox to advance to the semifinals. Tegan hits a dive to start and lands rough and appears to have injured her left knee. The ref throws up the X and the doctors come to check on her. Tegan wants to continue. They continue, but after Rhea hits a dropkick, Tegan screams and throws up the X herself and the ref calls for the bell. Tegan is sobbing in the ring and Full Sail is silent. Rhea is announced as the winner as they tend to Tegan. Tegan is helped out to a standing ovation. Absolutely heartbreaking situation


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