Spoilers: WWE MYC Tapings For Tonight

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Thanks to correspondent @willh94 for the following:

* Semifinals match, 30 minute time limit: Toni Storm defeated Meiko Satomura to advance to the finals. Toni with a huge boot to the face. Toni with a suplex for 2. Meiko takes over with some stiff kicks. Modified Figure Four but Toni gets to the ropes. More kicks from Meiko. Toni fights off a side suplex, but Meiko hits a spin kick off the ropes. Backslide by Toni for 2. Toni locks in an STF, but Meiko gets to the ropes. Toni with a suicide dive to the outside. Shining Wizard for 2 by Toni. Toni hits her double underhook bomb but only gets 2. Incredible sequence of nearfalls for Meiko. Crowd is on their feet. Toni lands the double underhook bomb one more time for the pin. Incredible match. Kairi Sane out to present flowers to Toni Storm. Triple H meets Meiko on the stage and raises her hand. Toni is asked how she feels. Toni says she beat a legend and is living her dream. Thanks all the girls in the back and the fans. Triple H meets her on stage and raises her arm

* Semifinals match, 30 minute time limit: Io Shirai defeated Rhea Ripley to advance to the finals. Rhea gets booed coming out, and is really in an unenviable position as it appears Tegan was supposed to win their match before the injury occurred. Rhea takes control early. Io tries to fight back but gets nailed with forearms. Rhea locks in a body scissors. Io leans back a few times for 2 counts, but Rhea doesn't let go. Rhea with a 10+ second delayed vertical suplex for 2. Interesting note, Michael Cole is calling the match standing up so he can see the ring, likely because they have no notes for this match since it wasn't planned. Io fights back with forearms. Io with a suicide dive crossbody. Io climbs back in, but Rhea pulls her out of the ring. Io gets in at 9. Rhea attacks with punches to the back. Io slaps Rhea, hits the 619 and a diving dropkick for 2. Rhea hits a superplex but only gets 2. Io pushes Rhea into the post, hits the double knees and the moonsault for the win. Kairi our with flowers and her and Io share an emotional hug. Io says thank you and declares she will win. Triple H and Sara Amato meet her on stage to raise her hand, and Toni Storm is out. They hug and pose for photos with Triple H and Amato to end the tapings


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