Remember to join us tonight at 8pm ET for our live Viewing Party. Thanks to correspondent @willh94 for the following spoilers:

* Lacey Evans defeated Candice LeRae. They shove to start and Lacey takes her down. Lacey does a headscissors takedown into doing push-ups while still holding Candice in the headscissors. They go back and forth. Lacey shouts that Candice is a loser, just like her husband. Candice unloads on Lacey in the corner and is pulled off by the referee, allowing Lacey to hit the Women’s Right for the pin

* The Forgotten Sons defeated enhancement talents Kirsh, Rise, and Mixon. Cutler is wearing a face mask after getting his nose broken in the Street Profits match a few weeks ago. Total squash match. They hit a double stomp, inverted DDT spot and the Ryker hits a bounce of the ropes powerbomb for the win

* Johnny Gargano defeated Tony Nese. Excellent match. Crowd is split and Johnny got boos in his entrance. Johnny with a tope and soaks up the crowd. Tony kicks him on the top rope and catches him in a fireman’s carry when he bounces up and hits a gut buster for 2. Tony goes for a springboard moonsault but comes up empty and lands on his feet, but Johnny hits the jumping DDT into the ring. Johnny with the middle rope spear for 2. Great sequence of nearfalls, that ends with Johnny going for the GargaNo Escape, but Nese rolling him over and lifting him up with one arm and tossing him into the ropes. Nese reverses the jumping DDT and tosses Johnny outside, hits a Fosberry Flop and a 450 but only gets 2. Johnny cuts off Nese’s running corner knee with a superkick, gets a huge clothesline and the GargaNo Escape for the win

* Lars Sullivan defeated EC3. EC3 stops doing his usual entrance and charges the ring. He rams Lars into the steps several times and hits a suplex on the ramp. Brutally stiff match. Lars’ back is bleeding from the steps and EC3 is bleeding from the mouth and a cut over his eye. Lars hits a Freak Accident on the apron and then a diving headbutt for the win