WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and The Rock had a Twitter exchange over selling The Stunner this weekend, as seen in the tweets below.

The tweets between the former rivals began when Austin responded to a tweet that said a GIF of Rock taking The Stunner was “overselling at its finest.”

Austin joked, “That was not overselling. The Stunner is a complete shoot. Very painful..”

Rock responded to Austin’s tweet and joked that he never “oversold” the move, he just refused to “underserve” the fans. Rock wrote, “Haha I never “oversold” Austin’s stunner. I simply refused to “underserve” the ticket paying audience. Gotta give ’em their monies worth every night and send ’em home happy. Plus, Austin & I had cold beer waiting in the locker room so that was my ‘happy dance’ #GoodTimes”