Tegan Nox Details The Horrific Injuries She Suffered During The Mae Young Classic

Tegan Nox was a name to remember when the Mae Young Classic premiered last summer, but an unfortunate knee injury knocked her out of the competition.

She rehabbed and returned to the ring in April 2018 and was looking forward to putting on a show at this year's Mae Young Classic. She did just that and advanced to the quarterfinals but unfortunately suffered another knee injury to her other leg during her match vs. Rhea Ripley.

Nox was set to win that match but the outcome was changed during the match when she hurt her knee. As a result, Ripley got the victory and Nox was put on the shelf again. On Wednesday Nox revealed on Twitter just how bad of an injury it was this time around as she said "basically my knee exploded."

"I was diagnosed with numerous injuries to the left leg which included: dislocated knee cap (luckily it reset itself instantly), torn MCL & LCL, I completely tore my ACL and both meniscus (one had a "lightning bolt shaped tear" still a wizard when injured), bone contusions and I had a second fracture on my left tibia... Basically my knee exploded and I made a huge mess!!"

This is a heartbreaking blow to Nox not just because she had previously torn the ACL in her other knee, but also because she was the probable winner of the 2018 Mae Young Classic. WWE has high hopes for her and winning the tournament finals at Evolution would have set her up for a strong run in NXT.

Nox says that she is two months into rehab and has received an outpouring of support from fellow Superstars, coaches and even Triple H.

There is a long road to recovery, one in which Nox is already familiar with, but she is likely already thinking about the 2019 Mae Young Classic and this situation will give fans even more of a reason to root for her.