Triple H was in London recently to announce the debut of NXT UK, which premieres this Wednesday. While speaking to the media, Triple H revealed that WWE COO Vince McMahon may have never watched an entire episode of NXT. The Game was quick to point out that it gives Vince an outsider perspective to the product.

“I don’t know that he’s ever even watched a full episode of NXT start to finish,” Triple H said of Vince, via The Sun. “He’s busy. He will pick up a lot from bits and pieces from what he sees. To me it’s always amazing ? his insight of things.

“I realize he just saw a snippet but what he will say about that snippet is a bigger overall arc to the entire product, and I’m like, ‘That’s really right.’ I think it’s great that he doesn’t see all of it because it gives him a different perspective. It gives him an outsider view on it.”

Triple H also joked that McMahon might watch a full episode of NXT UK, “B=but he is very keen and very excited for the international expansion… for the future of the business.”