Nearly as shocking as Roman Reigns’ announcement that he’s battling leukemia is the revelation that he battled the disease before. Both fans and fellow Superstars were unaware of Reigns’ history with the disease but Triple H was one of the few who knew.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon appeared on the Elvin Duran Show where Hunter discussed why Reigns didn’t make public his first battle with leukemia.

“Very few people knew about [his first battle]. He and I had spoken about it and this was something that he didn’t want to put out there until he had reached a certain point in his career because he didn’t want people to feel like he was being pitied or given things for a certain reason,” stated Triple H. “He wanted to be able to come out at the end and say, ‘Look, I’ve dealt with this the whole time. You can do anything. This is not an end sentence.’

As we talked about on Monday, [I told him] ‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.’ The rest of the stuff happens and it didn’t work out the way he thought it would. It’s back and now’s the time to spread that message.”

Stephanie then personally thanked Duran for everything he’s done for pediatric cancer research. She then told a story about how kids affected with the disease showed their support for Reigns.

“As it relates to Roman,” said Stephanie. “As a part of September, which is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, [WWE] had this campaign, “Superstars of Tomorrow” where we visited children’s hospitals and kids dress up as their favorite Superstar persona or their own original Superstar persona.

“In Dallas in particular, we had this incredible group of kids that we really bonded with and they created a video for Roman that I just watched and it’s so powerful to see these little kids that say, ‘We believe in you Roman and keep fighting.’ That’s what life should really be about ? supporting one another and loving one another because we all have enough crap to deal with in our regular lives. It’s a privilege to be a part of.”

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Source: Elvis Duran Show