Tye Dillinger is the latest WWE Superstar to play a game of "tweet & delete" on the social media platform.

Dillinger posted a #TBT tweet on Thursday and included a photo of his match with WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Dillinger wrote, "#TBT To that time I used to wrestle."

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks responded to Dillinger's tweet and wrote, "Money ain't everything."

Dillinger responded to Jackson's tweet with a simple, "Word."

It's interesting that Dillinger and Jackson deleted those last two replies to the original #TBT tweet. You can see a screenshot of the deleted exchange below, thanks to Reddit user ceps2111.

With the deleted tweets, it's also interesting that Dillinger left up several other tweets related to the original #TBT tweet, including fan comments on how he could potentially be released for tweeting something about how much in-ring time he gets. It looks like at least one of the fan replies could have been a reference to his "Word." tweet to Jackson.

Below are Dillinger's back & forth with fans on the original #TBT comments along with what he and Jackson deleted: