Vince Russo On Why He Booked Himself To Win The WCW World Championship

On the debut episode of Vince Russo: Truth with Consequences with Matt Koon on the Westwood One Podcast Network, Vince Russo discussed his booking philosophy, time with WCW and more. You can check out the podcast on iTunes, they sent us these highlights:

Russo on not having passion for Wrestling anymore while working for WCW:

"When I signed my contract with WCW, I was so burnt out and I was so toasted. In my mind, my contract, with WCW that was going to be it. I wanted to be out of wrestling at that time."

Overbooking things:

"A writer does not book matches. A writer needs certain spots to happen in a match. A writer may need wrestler A to turn on wrestler B. I may need a wrestler to run into the match. The only thing I am in control of in a match is the finish. I did not sit there and tell them what to do through the entire match. I left that up to the talent and the agent."

Who suggested he get on camera, WCW ratings and how he created the Russo character:

"I am a writer; I can't tell you the exact conversation but Eric suggested I get on camera. When the idea was brought up, I said you guys are not listening about how long it takes to get ratings. It takes consistent good television? I will show them and go out and do it myself. I have been stereotyped in and out of wrestling my whole life as a New Yorker. I figure I would give you a reason to hate me more than anyone else on TV."

The decision to book himself winning the WCW World title:

"The week of the show in the creative meeting the decision was made. The people in the booking meeting all thought the same. The goal is to get as many eyeballs as possible on the show. Everybody on the creative side was looking at it as TV show rather than a wrestling show. I put the WWE title on [Vince] McMahon, the WCW title on [David] Arquette, another WCW title on [Eric] Bischoff. Why? We are looking to create stories and not for the wrestling fan, for the casual wrestling fan."