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Show opens with another Drake Maverick voice-over promo hyping this Saturday’s Super Show-Down. The 205 general manager also runs down the card for this evening’s episode including Akira Tozawa versus Jack Gallagher, and TJP against Kalisto in the main event.

Intro song.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcomes us to the show. Akira Tozawa is already on his way to the ring for the first matchup of the night. Gentleman Jack Gallagher is out next. He’s accompanied by Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak.

Akira Tozawa versus Jack Gallagher

Tie-up. Test a strength that Gallagher wins but Akira with a quick takedown. Gallagher transitions into a headlock before both men trade a series of pinfalls. Akira lands the first big strike with a kick to the chest, followed by his signature jumping senton. Akira screams to the crowd and he’s in full control.

Momentum swings when Akira gets tripped up by Gulak when attempting a suicide dive. Gallagher takes advantage. He works over Akira in the corner with clubbing forearms and kicks. Gallagher locks in a deep headlock and runs through Akira with a shoulder block. He wears Akira down with numerous submissions.

Akira lands a frankensteiner out of nowhere to begin his comeback. Big windmill kick. Akira goes up for his top rope senton but Gallagher rolls out of the ring. QUICK SUICIDE DIVE BY AKIRA. Back in the ring Akira hits a missile dropkick. Cover but only two. Gallagher counters an armbar by slamming Akira off the mat with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Half-crab by Gallagher but Akira reaches the ropes.

On the top ropes Akira blocks a superplex. He lands his diving senton and that’s it.

Akira Tozawa wins by pinfall.

As Tozawa leaves Drew Gulak grabs a microphone. He tells the fans that their team is not living up to their full potential. He directs everyone’s attention to the titantron for a…POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!!!! (Edited by Drew Gulak.) Today’s lesson is to show no mercy. According to Gulak…mercy is weakness. Gulak also says that he has no more room for dead weight, or former cruiserweight champions, indicating that Brian Kendrick is the weak link of the group. Kendrick attacks Gulak and locks Gallagher in the Bully Choke, but the numbers game pays off and Gulak and Gallagher put a beating on Kendrick.

Commentary team shoots us over to another promo video for Super Show-Down highlighting the feud between champion Cedric Alexander and challenger Buddy Murphy. Video says that Alexander has been champion over 160 days. Recap of their face-to-face meeting from last week to end the video.

McGuinness tells us that the main event between TJP and Kalisto is next!

Backstage Drake Maverick gives an update on Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami. He says that he’s given both men the week off to recover from last week’s brutal no-contest, but promises the WWE Universe that the next time they face off, it’ll be a match no one wants to miss.

We’re told that Lio Rush will hold an open challenge on next week’s 205.

Kalisto is out first, along with the rest of the Lucha House Party. (Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado.) TJP comes out next and it’s main event time. TJP comes out in a Lucha House Party shirt and rips it off taunting Kaliston before the bell.

TJP versus Kalisto

TJP with the first takedown. He pins Kalisto’s arms to the mat but Kalisto monkey-flips him off. Kalisto lands the first strikes with a spin kick and an arm-drag. He taunts TJP back and fakes a suicide dive with TJP on the floor. Angry, TJP takes advantage back in the ring, and lands a hard springboard dropkick onto Kalisto who was tied up in the ropes.

Hard irish-whip from TJP. Kalisto tries to fire back with some knife-edge chops but TJP locks him up in a variation of the scorpion deathlock. He rips a piece of Kalisto’s mask off before slamming his head off the mat. Kalisto tries to grab bit of mask but TJP steps on his hand. Kalisto attempts to mount a comeback but TJP counters a springboard attack with a Russian-leg sweep. Multiple submissions targeting Kalisto’s back, followed by a backbreaker.

In full control TJP does his signature dab, before hitting Kalisto with a suplex and back drop in rapid succession. Stiff uppercuts from TJP to Kalisto in the corner. He lands a twisting senton from the top rope but only gets a two count on the pinfall attempt.

TJP thwarts another comeback attempt with a powerslam. He goes up to the top rope again but misses a swanton. Kalisto pops up and fires back with some quick offense, including a Mexico City Twister. (Thanks Nigel.) Big frankensteiner and he almost secures the victory. Both men are down. Kalisto gets to his feet and tries to rally himself by doing the Lucha chant. Salido del sol blocked. Kalisto hits an enziguri on TJP from the apron, but TJP catches him with his own kick to the head.

TJP tries to go up but this time Kalisto catches him with a kick to the head. This sets both men up on the top rope. Victory bomb from the top! Only a two count! Vic Joseph says that whoever wins this matchup could be the next contender to the cruiserweight championship. Kalisto again sets up for his finisher but TJP blocks it again and locks in the kneebar submission! Kalisto tries to crawl to the ropes but he can’t get there. Roll up by Kalisto but TJP rolls through keeps the submission on. SOMEHOW HE GETS TO THE ROPES.

A frustrated TJP tries to rip off Kalisto’s mask. Lince Dorado runs up to the apron to stop him but TJP knocks him off. Kalisto rolls TJP up and that’s it!

Kalisto wins by pinfal.l

As soon as the bell rings TJP attacks Kalisto and rips his mask completely off his face. Metalik and Dorado run into the ring to cover him up as TJP walks off with the mask.

That’s the show friends.